Marys Challenge, Day 03
Mary’s Challenge, Day 03
By Jappio

Part 1

Mary had a less sudden start to her day. It was Sunday, and she was still spending the weekend naked at Jenny’s house. The nudity surprised her as she tossed about on the couch. Her skin was graced with the soft blanket in a way she still hadn’t grown used to. When she finally was awake enough to realize she was naked, she wrapped her arms around herself defensively beneath her blanket.

Unlike the morning before, no one was around waking her up. It seemed like she actually woke up before Jenny and Julie. The lights were off, and only a few beams of light snuck their way through the blinds. Looking to a clock, Mary found it was approaching noon already.

Still not completely awake, Mary began to stretch as she sat up. Her arms darted towards the ceiling and her blanket fell the other way. Her breasts and nipples raised upwards, the air touching them sending an instant chill through Mary’s body. She quickly grabbed her blanket and pulled it up to hide her naked chest.

She mentally told herself to relax. Another scan of the room confirmed she was the only one there. She swiveled her legs off the side of the folded-out couch to the floor, doing her best to maintain her blanket cover.

Every moment she blinked and would wake up more, the gravity of the situation would hit her more. Her heart race increased at every thought of vulnerability. She was still naked, still completely without any clothes. Though she should have been becoming more aware as she awoke, her mind became more clouded with thoughts of the crazy things that happened the days before.

During a three day weekend, Jenny, Julie, and Mary had gotten together to spend some time. This time though would be a big challenge designed by Julie and Jenny for Mary. Their goal seemed to push her comfort boundaries. They wanted to tease, embarrass, and even excite Mary it would seem. Throughout Friday and Saturday, the girls had put Mary through a bunch of tests. Any that Mary turned down would usually lead to the loss of a point. The more points she lost, the tougher the final day was supposed to be. It was now that final day.

Yet even with unknown risks and embarrassments in her future, Mary still reflected on the past actions. She had become naked before even leaving the college parking garage. She had not once truly worn any clothing outside of footwear that entire weekend so far. Right then in the living room, she felt the most covered she had all weekend really thanks to the blanket over her legs.

Beyond being dragged around town naked, exposed to strangers, and more risks of those natures, Mary had possibly dealt with her most intense task. Never before had she experienced something as intimate as when Jenny and Julie each got a close and personal look between her legs. They hadn’t just looked at her naked skin, but they commented and stared. They even were witness to Mary bringing herself off.

Mary’s skin was now burning hot suddenly. Memories of that moment were far too strong now. How each Jenny and Julie had stared so intently? How they seemed to read Mary’s thoughts.

Mary shifted her legs, feeling that areas other than her face had grown warm. Even though she had just gotten up, she realized she was starting to become aroused.

Embarrassed to be so wooed by just memories alone, Mary felt she had to do something. She had a bad feeling that if she stayed the way she was, she wouldn’t be able to face Jenny and Julie right away. So, although Mary wouldn’t normally do this without expressed permission, she got up off the couch, and headed towards the bathroom.

Of course Mary had to leave the blanket behind. Being caught using it as cover would probably spell trouble for her. She quietly walked about the house, completely naked. Even though it was now the third day in a row that she spent naked at this house, the action still felt odd to Mary.

Reaching the bathroom without detection, Mary was happy to have not encountered one of the other two girls. She took a brief moment to stare at Jenny’s door down the hall. Inside, she figured the two were sleeping.

Mary thought about possibly sneaking a peek. She admitted to herself it was a rude thought, but at the same time one that she couldn’t avoid. Yesterday, Mary had all but finally assumed for sure that Jenny and Julie were in some type of relationship. Perhaps a peek into their room could confirm that assumption once and for all.

It would be wrong though. She would leave that part of Jenny’s and Julie’s lives a secret. She opened the door to the bathroom, and quickly turned on the shower.

Mary set the shower temperature to colder than what she normally would, needing the bodily cool down to get her head straight. Once she had it set, she stepped in, of course not needing to bother with anything like undressing.

Mary was no stranger to trying to sort out thoughts about life in the shower, but that morning was different. Before, if she ever thought about things like sex, relationships, and more, it was about how she didn’t have interest in it. To some extent, it had bothered Mary when she never found herself interested in finding a lover or something.

Julie and Jenny though entered her life, and awakened her now to a world of sexuality and intimacy. She’d never shared things like her naked body, feelings, and urges to other people.

Mary had to wonder if she was a lesbian now. She’d jokingly refer to herself as asexual in the past, but now she felt new things. She has now experienced orgasm thanks to other females. They didn’t physically do it, but it did happen.

Then again, Mary wondered if it really counted. She didn’t know right then and there if she would want a physical relationship with a woman, or in the very least with her friends. She was surprised to think she was content with how intimate she’d become with her close friends, but at the same time didn’t think she wanted it to go to a further level. She was grateful that Jenny and Julie had kept hands off during last night’s ordeal; she wasn’t ready to have crossed that bridge yet.

Mary still felt like she was standing at one side of that bridge now, considering crossing it. It was such a brand new feeling for Mary, to actually consider herself someone who wanted something akin to a relationship or a sex life.

It was hard to focus to that far in the future though, with the day coming up ahead of her. She had some unknown challenge set up by Julie and Jenny that she had to face still.

“No clothes for hours still I bet…” Mary said to herself, for the first time looking down at herself. Not once so far in the shower had she considered what she was doing physically. She had yet to pick up any soap or anything. Instead, her hands just aimlessly traveled up and down her naked skin. To think her body would really be naked still for so much longer. The idea that she went ‘days’ without clothing was astounding really.

Mary felt cooled down, even with her subconscious massaging. She felt she should be more concerned, but she did feel as if some of the thoughts and worries had washed away. Her body no longer felt as hot and confused. Finally she picked up a bar of soap, and began to prepare her body for another day of nudity.

Once complete, Mary began to dry herself. She heard some noise outside the door. She felt bad that her shower had possibly woken up her friends. She felt karma would pay her back though for doing that, by making it so she was introduced to the embarrassment of the day all the sooner.

Once dry, Mary made the conscious choice to leave her towel in the bathroom. Staying on the good side of the J’s was probably in her best interest.

Mary exited the bathroom and headed towards the kitchen. As she entered, a completely naked Julie, and Jenny in her same pajamas from the night before greeted her.

Mary without thinking had brought an arm to cover her breasts and a hand to hide her lower hair and lips. She was still not nearly as comfortable with her nudity as Julie seemed to be!

“Nice morning shower wake you up?” Julie asked.

Mary avoided eye contact. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you…”

“Not at all. We were actually just waking up before you started it up,” Jenny explained. Mary was now glad she didn’t try to sneak a peek. Then again, she did have to wonder about Julie’s nudity in Jenny’s room. Then again, the two always played nudity games with each other. She was back to not being sure if the two were an item.

“Breakfast will be a little bit still,” Jenny informed Mary. Jenny was again taking the job of cooking. Julie took the job of sitting very un-lady like at one of chairs at the kitchen table. Mary suspected Julie had purposely sat like this. Mary did her best to really only look once, and then choose to ignore the sight of Julie’s open legs. Was Julie trying to tease Mary about the night before?

Mary felt a bit silly just standing and covering at the entrance to the kitchen. “Anything I can help with Jenny?” she asked.

Jenny thought about it. “Nope, just take a seat with Julie,” Jenny said. Julie then patted one of her legs, as if inviting Mary to sit on her lap!

“No thanks, I’ll take my own seat,” Mary said with a nervous laugh. She walked to the table and sat opposite of Julie.

“You were sooo fun last night though!” Julie joked.

“Julie, what did I say about that!?” Jenny scolded. “Don’t tease Mary about that.”

Mary felt a bit on the spot. She had sort of hoped that the subject wouldn’t be brought up, at least not so soon. Then again, it was probably for the best. “It’s Ok Jenny, last night was sort of weird.”

“So what if you masturbated in front of us?” Julie said without an ounce of sarcasm. It was almost comical how well Julie was able to say that with a straight face. Mary couldn’t at all respond.

“Mary, don’t let her tease you so bad. Just know what happened last night stays between us. Just an extra hard dare or something,” Jenny explained.

“Yeah, really. Nothing weird about it. We’re all the same. I mean, things were fine after that, right?” Julie explained.

Mary was touched with how well and mature the two of them were actually taking the subject. The shower had really cleared her head too, so Mary wasn’t feeling as weird about what happened anymore. “Thanks guys. I mean, I don’t know if I can say it was ‘nothing’ but it really does mean a lot that you guys are willing to still just be friends.”

“Well, not like we’re going to just leave you because of how embarrassing a show you put on!” Julie teased.

Jenny then added in her own view, “You think that’s her issue? I thought it was that she was worried she might end up in some type of weird love triangle with us!”

Mary groaned. The two were clearly messing with her; it was at least obvious this time. “Come on guys, shut up!” Mary complained.

Just like how she had covered up before, Mary had unknowingly lowered her arms and stopped covering herself throughout the conversation. She’d become too distracted to realize what was going on. The three turned their conversation to more general subjects, and Mary was even able to keep herself from covering up again.

Breakfast was served shortly afterwards, and only near the end did conversation return to the world of nudity. “Today’s the big day, I think it’s time we explained a bit of what is going to happen,” Jenny started off.

“Do we have to? I sort of like to see her squirm,” Julie added.

“Well I don’t’ like that squirming! Please Jenny, continue,” Mary requested.

Jenny chuckled. “Oh Mary, I’m not going to tell you everything, just a general schedule of sorts.” Mary wanted to voice a complaint about it, but instead stayed quiet to allow Jenny to explain. “You will have three challenges technically, with a connecting theme.”

Mary couldn’t stay quiet at this, “three!? I thought it was just one!”

“It is just one, just in three stages!” Julie argued

“That’s not at all fair!”

“You lost so many points though. Besides, they really are sort of linked,” Jenny defended.

“I have a feeling that the points didn’t have anything at all to do with this!” Mary wouldn’t have been shocked if the points were just there to scare her.

“Nuh-uh! We totally had plans for everything. You’ll see!”

“Even if we didn’t have a break down for the points, you still agreed to our challenge, and it happens to be made of three stages, each tougher than the last,” Jenny explained.

Mary didn’t voice more arguments, it seemed pointless to, especially when J’s were working together. Perhaps though it was just Mary having grown too use to following their orders.

“We will honestly be more lenient and kind in these challenges though, you did a phenomenal job this weekend,” Julie offered. Mary did feel good at the thought she impressed them.

“Your first challenge will be a little after breakfast. Then the second will come a little after that. Finally the final challenge will take place in the afternoon before we drive back,” Jenny finished.

Mary was happy that it was only three. The previous days seemed full of far more things. She also wouldn’t have to worry about the smaller challenges spread between, since the game part was finally done.


Mary’s Challenge, Day 03
By Jappio

Part 2

Jenny collected the plates. “Julie, I’d make you do this, but you need to go get dressed before we start,” Jenny commanded.

“I don’t ‘have’ to, but I guess I should,” Julie then left for the bedroom to get her clothes.

“What about me?” Mary asked, still not having gotten up from her seat.

“Well, how about you go sit in the living room? Clean up the bed, you won’t need it anymore obviously till the next time you’re over. Julie and I have a few things to plan before we get started. So you just wait and be ready for when we come back.”

Mary did as she was told, and headed to the living room. As she cleaned up her borrowed bed, she saw Jenny eventually leave the kitchen to join Julie. She wasn’t sure what they were up to.

It was impossible to truly sit and relax now. She was about to be tossed into another challenge, one that would get worse and then worse again! She sat naked on the folded up couch, trying to watch TV. Having just passed noon though, there was hardly anything on to really distract her. Again, her body began to get warm as she considered the things that could happen.

About a half hour passed, and that’s when Jenny and Julie returned. They hardly were able to sneak up on Mary though, because Julie was talking loudly on her phone. “Yeah, you should see her!” she beamed.

Mary at first didn’t know who or what about Julie was talking about. Julie made eye contact with Mary when she turned to watch the two enter the room. Jenny was dressed in jeans and a T-shirt and Julie herself wore shorts and a tank top.

“Yep, I’m looking at her right now! Just as naked as I said she would be!” Julie then commented across the line.

Mary’s eyes shot wide, Julie was talking about her! “JULIE!” Mary exclaimed in embarrassment.

“Yep, you hear her? She’s pretty shy, so I guess she isn’t happy to be the subject,” Julie continued.

Jenny stayed silent as she sat on a nearby recliner. With a smile on her face, she watched as Julie on the phone walked over to Mary.

“So she hasn’t had clothes all weekend, and is now sitting in Jen’s living room, still very naked!” Julie was now narrating things.

Even though the person on the phone couldn’t see her, Mary still felt very exposed. She folded her arms over her chest and crossed her legs.

“She’s now trying to cover up a lot. She doesn’t like me talking to you about this,” Julie paused, “yep, she is blushing a bunch.”

Mary couldn’t believe Julie was being so cruel with the teasing now. She did not enjoy her body being a piece of gossip.

Julie then spoke to Mary directly, “This is the first stage. Get up off the couch and stand in front of me.”

Mary hesitated at first. She was trying to process what this meant. Was Julie talking about the first stage of the challenge? She was hardly expecting anything like this! Mary though did follow the command in the end, and got up off the couch, Julie taking a seat where Mary just was.

“Ok, so she’s now standing. Her hand just covered her pussy… Yep she has her breasts covered too…. Nope, no chance to peek at anything yet…. Jenny, can you see her butt good?... Yep, Jenny just gave the thumbs up,” Julie went on and on.

Mary was having trouble keeping her breathing under control. Beyond having just the J’s checking her out, she also had this person over the phone being told every detail!

Julie then gave Mary full eye contact and asked her, “She wants to know if you’re enjoying this Mary.”

Mary immediately responded, “None of her business!”

Julie giggled, “You heard that? ... Yep, I’d say it probably means ‘yes’ as well!”

“JULIE, stop it! I am not enjoying this!” Mary shouted back, her hands tightening on her body. Her face was growing red. Though she was incredibly embarrassed, she was also feeling that familiar tingle.

“You want to tell her yourself? If you don’t like the information I’m giving, you can do it yourself,”

“What? No way!” Mary responded.

Julie gave an evil grin. “So yeah, our naked Mary here is super aroused actually. You should see the way she keeps rubbing herself between her legs!”

“THAT IS NOT TRUE!” Mary shouted, but moved her fingers so they were no longer directly touching her hidden lips. They instead lay flat in front of the gap between her legs. She understood Julie’s game now. Either Julie would tell lies, or she’d have to describe it herself.

It seemed like a dirty trick, but Mary figured that if it came down to it, Julie was the one making the rules anyways. “I’ll talk to her I guess,” Mary said in a defeated tone.

“Good, I’ll put her on speaker, you be sure to answer every question truthfully though,” Julie said. After a button press, Julie set her phone down on the couch, as if it was a guest at the house to see the show. “Ok, you’re on speaker phone now so you and Mary can talk directly.”

“Oh? Hi Mary! So good to finally be able to talk to you! You sound like a real cutie!” came the voice from the phone. Mary didn’t recognize whoever the woman was, at least not by the voice.

“Um… hi…” Mary weakly responded. He embarrassment was growing now. She was naked and talking to another stranger. Sure they couldn’t see her, but it was almost as bad with them just knowing.

“OH, and hello Jenny! Hope you’re having fun too!” the voice on the other end called out.

“Doing great dear, the weekend has been fun!” Jenny responded.

“So Mary, our main attraction, how are you feeling? You enjoying this? Julie was saying you were touching yourself over it!” the voice accused.

“I wasn’t doing that!” Mary quickly snapped back. Again she made sure her hands weren’t doing anything that could taken as such an action. “I’m not enjoying this either, I’m really embarrassed.”

“Oh, but I can only hear you, you might as well be clothed!”

The attempt to relax Mary hadn’t really worked, “Yeah, but you still know that I’m naked, and that’s just weird…”

A soft giggle could be heard, “And yet I’m the problem? There are two other girls who are looking at you!” Mary looked around herself, and indeed both Jenny and Julie were looking at her. Her face warmed even more. “You must be naked around them a lot if I bother you more than they do.”

Mary wasn’t sure how to respond. This girl who couldn’t even see her was doing such a good job of riling her up. “I… it’s not like that. I just… and you’re a stranger, and…”

“Oh, you sound soooo cute! You’re all flustered and embarrassed over something so simple. Let’s change the subject from feelings then, shall we?” the voice suggested, not stopping to let Mary interject at all, “We’ll go with something physical, that you can’t debate much. How big are your breasts?”

“What!?” Mary asked, the arm slung in front of her chest pressed tighter to herself.

“I want to know how big your boobies are. Drop your cover and take a look if you have to,” the voice commanded.

Mary awkwardly glanced down. She didn’t think she’d suddenly be put in charge of describing her physical appearance too. “I... um… they’re not big… but um not small either…” Mary tried explaining.

“That’s hardly an answer!” the voice chastised.

Julie then pointed to the ground, “You should also follow what she said, drop them!”

Mary shook a little. The voice had control now it seemed, and Julie wanted Mary to follow the command. Sucking in a deep breath, Mary dropped her arms to the side, to uncover herself. She looked again at her chest now that it was bared.

“So, your boobies, are they biggies?” the voice asked.

“No… they aren’t,” Mary admitted.

“Are they small though?” the voice followed up.

“No, I guess not, they’re… a b-cup,” Mary admitted out loud.

The voice chuckled and responded, “That’s wonderful. I bet they fill your hands nicely. I bet you have nice little hard nipples too when you do fill your hands with them!”

Mary had to stop herself from gasping; the accusation was both embarrassing and perhaps too accurate.

“Actually, are they hard right now?”

Mary didn’t answer the voice. She was sure she wouldn’t dare admit something like that out loud to a stranger.

After some pause, the girl on the other line spoke again, “You know, Julie could just tell me. I might prefer, since she has such a great way with words-“

“They are hard, yes, happy?!” Mary blurted out. She knew letting Julie talk would be worse.

“Oh, I am happy, though I guess not as much as you. You must really enjoy this, huh?” came another accusation.

“I am not! I am very embarrassed!”

“No reason you can’t be both,” the voice argued.

Mary was trying to avoid eye contact with Julie, who was looking up at her from the couch. She felt awkward still standing naked in front of both of them. The phone conversation was getting worse as well.

“It is super cute that you’re so speechless by just talking to me. You have Julie and Jenny staring at you, and I’ve heard you’ve had other people see you naked too. Why do I have you so flustered?” the voice asked.

“I don’t know, you’re being very personal about this stuff!” Mary explained.

“Spread your legs,” the voice suddenly commanded.


The voice giggled, “you have to I thought.”

A look to Julie confirmed that she would have to. She still decided to try and fight it, “yeah, but I mean Jenny and Julie are…”

“Fine, Jenny and Julie, would you both please turn around and not look? This one is just for me!”

To Mary’s surprise, Jenny and Julie both did turn away.

“Now Mary, even though they’ve seen you like that, no one can actually see you do it this time. So spread your legs nice and wide,” the voice requested.

Mary slowly shifted her feet one at a time till her legs were a bit more spread than shoulder width apart. She announced she was done once in the pose. She made sure neither Jenny nor Julie were stealing glances at her.

“Oh how cute. You could have covered yourself instead of doing the pose if you wanted! I can’t actually see you to verify, but with how adorable you’ve been, I bet you followed the instruction to a tee!”

Mary’s face flushed a deeper crimson. She hadn’t thought about that. Really, she didn’t dare risk changing her pose now, Jenny or Julie could catch her. Yet that had not been a thought when she had moved her legs apart.

“Now, I won’t even ask you to explain anything yet. I’m just going to go with my mental picture of you, just listen,” the voice explained.

Mary tensed as the woman on the phone began to talk out loud about her, “So I know you have gorgeous brunette hair. I hear you wear it down, not tied up or anything, and that’s cute. It isn’t too long, just past your shoulders. Said shoulders are bare too, maybe a few strands tickling them? Then we move down more and we have those not big, not small, breasts of yours. The ones topped with cute pink nipples.”

Mary’s hands twitched, wanting to cover her chest. Having it talked about was indeed just as bad as having it stared at, at least that’s what it felt like.

“Then we have a flat tummy and a waist that narrows in some. Then your body curves out for those hips of yours, and I wasn’t told if you had any hair down there, but you sound like the type of girl who would I bet. It’s a little brown patch of fur to symbolize that naughty area known as your pelvis. Those sparse little hairs just hanging over that set of lips of yours, the ones surely growing moist with your growing embarrassment!

Mary did gasp out loud this time. The woman had guessed her grooming habit well, and had accurately guessed that Mary’s body was indeed enjoying this. Mary couldn’t tell how much Julie might have shared before this conversation, but it was still embarrassing for someone to read Mary so well without being able to even see her.


Mary’s Challenge, Day 03
By Jappio

Part 3

“With your legs wide, I would be able to see everything there too. Such an exposed and vulnerable position you’ve gotten into. I can picture you shivering a bit like that, unsure if you can keep it up for much longer,” the voice finished her rant on her imagined Mary, an imagery that was incredibly close to the real deal. “Now Mary, you can close up and Jenny and Julie can look again.”

Even though Mary didn’t hesitate to close her legs, Julie wasn’t slow in her turn either, surely getting a peek.

“So Julie, you think I was close?”

“Let’s ask Mary, she would know best,” Julie suggested.

Mary thought about it. Lying didn’t seem like an option. “I… I guess… she was right…”

“Hehe, I bet she’s being modest. She’s probably ten times hotter than I described!”

Julie and Jenny both giggled along with the mysterious voice.

“So, are you guys about to tote her around town? I wouldn’t want to keep you from it,” the voice offered.

“Well, if Mary would like to move on to the next part, then we can get going I suppose,” Julie announced.

Mary had the choice to end it right away, though that would mean jumping into the second stage right away. Though she was very embarrassed, logistically she wasn’t actually being seen by this other person. The second challenge would come regardless though, so Mary decided getting it over with would be better.

“I think we should move on now, while I still have some nerve built up,” Mary explained.

“Aw, I guess I’m not wanted anymore. Well thanks for the show Mary! Maybe if I’m lucky, you’ll show me the goods in person! Bye Jenny, bye Julie!”

“Bye!” the two responded in unison. Mary had kept quiet, a bit too embarrassed to say anything quickly enough.

“Love you guys,” and the voice then hung up.

“So, are we going around town for real?” Mary asked.

“You’re in luck, the next phase we get to stay around here,” Jenny assured Mary.

Mary realized that didn’t mean much. Though the public risk was low, that usually meant that there was more embarrassment risk involved.

Julie picked up her phone, and began to dial a number. Mary was a bit surprised that Julie was calling someone up again already. She was wondering if phase two might be a repeat of the first phase, she did recall that the phases supposedly had a theme.

“Hello, yes, I’d like to place an order,” Julie told the person on the other line. She then began to order a pizza.

“Pizza again?” Mary asked, the three of them having had some last night.

Jenny responded, “Oh, what we’re ordering isn’t exactly a pizza.”

Mary was puzzled. She hadn’t understood it at first. Jenny didn’t explain though, and moved to the kitchen and started to drag a chair out. Julie finished her order and happily skipped down the hall. “You wait there Mary,” she called out.

Mary was putting the pieces together. They had threatened it the night before. Mary started to suspect that the next task was going to result in her being exposed to whoever was going to deliver the pizza!

Even with the dread of the idea she was going to be exposed to a stranger, she still stood waiting for Jenny and Julie. Jenny arrived first with a chair, setting it down in front of the front door. Shortly after, Julie arrived, carrying in her arms what looked like a bed sheet.

“Lucky you Mary, you get to pick your poison for this one!” Julie announced. She unceremoniously dropped the bundle of cloth on the floor. She walked to the door and stood facing the chair. “This will look great too I bet.”

“What is it I have to do?” Mary asked, wanting to get the point.

“You’re going to be sitting here in the chair when the driver comes by. A few twists though. You actually get some cover with this one,” Jenny then knelt down to pick through the pile of cloth Julie had left. Besides the bed sheet, there were also a few small hand cloths as well.

“You get your pick of outfit, though there is more to it,” Julie explained. Julie then produced three pairs of handcuffs. “These go with one of the outfits.” Jenny then handed the wash clothes to Mary.

Mary stared down at them. They were only a few inches wide and tall. There were three of them. She didn’t quite get the whole picture yet. “So, explain to me what exactly is going to happen. How are these an outfit?”

“Well one option is you sit in the chair as you are, but you can do what you want with the wash cloths. The other option has you more covered, but you will also be handcuffed. One on each ankle of the chair, and your hands behind it,” Julie explained. She then sat down, spread her legs, and put her arms behind the back of the chair. She gave a fake struggle to show how it was. Of course, unlike how Mary was going to be, she was fully dressed.

“See, we’re so nice though, we let you pick your outfit,” Julie bragged.

Mary thought about it. Someone would walk through the door, and see Mary naked besides some non-clothing objects. She wondered which would be better. The sheet seemed best, as it would provide more cover. The small clothes would cover the essentials, but leave a lot of skin exposed.

Further staring at the sheet though showed it was thin. The light fabric would probably not hide much detail. Mary wondered if she could trust either.

Then there was the detail of the cuffs. The idea she would lose all ability to move worried her the most. The J’s were not at all promising they’d behave. Either piece of protection they were offering could be snatched. Mary would be unable to retrieve that cover.

The decision wasn’t easy. Mary had to make one though. She doubted the girls would be nice enough to let her switch if she didn’t like one.

Assuming that they would remain hands off though, Mary had to assume the wash cloths were a poor choice. Surely she’d be able to keep the one on her lap in place, but with the way Jenny was currently faking her bindings, the clothes atop her breasts would be hard to keep place, gravity would be tough to fight if she were truly bound the way shown.

“I suppose I’ll go with the sheet,” Mary decided.

“Yippee, you owe me five bucks Jenny,” Julie exclaimed.

“We never even made a guess as to which she would chose you goof, much less make a bet on it. Ok Mary, you can have a seat,” Jenny sat up and allowed Mary to sit on the chair.

Just thinking about the handcuffs caused Mary to cross her legs and cover her breasts with her hands. She was going to be bound, and she still had so little experience with that. She so naturally wanted to cover up, and she could already picture how tortuous it would be to have taken from her.

“Now, we need you to let us do this. The longer you take, the more likely that whoever brings the pizza will catch you without the sheet,” Jenny warned.

Mary sighed. She wasn’t so sure about this anymore. However, she did agree to do these challenges. She had to trust that the J’s were going easier on her due to her bravery the two days before.

“Now, both hands behind the chair,” Jenny commanded. Mary was trying to put herself on autopilot and just agree to everything to get it over with. Perhaps the first phase left her a bit too unthinking. When she finally dropped her arms and wrapped them around the back of the chair, her heart sank. She for a moment could feel just how exposed she already was. The pose of having her arms back like that thrust her chest out. She was very exposed, and regretting it. Her natural instinct to cover up welled up, but Jenny was too quick. Julie had already handed a pair of handcuffs to Jenny and Jenny had snapped them around Mary’s wrists.

Mary’s eyes widened. She pulled on the metal bindings. She struggled to cover herself again. She wasn’t sure how, but she already felt more exposed than she had so far all day.

“Ok guys; let’s not do this, ok?” Mary asked pleadingly.

“Well that was quick, we aren’t even done yet. Don’t worry, you’re going to be covered,” Jenny reassured. Mary didn’t even worry at that moment about the coming stranger. The exposure felt real and embarrassing just in front of her two friends.

“Feet on the floor now, we have to get this complete,” Jenny ordered.

Mary was hoping to have a bit more time to get used to the first cuffs. She thought she could maybe still get up and run away. Yet she had agreed to things. She tried slowing her breathing. Her breasts were heaving up and down now, and she was painfully aware that both girls watching her could see it. Exposing more of herself seemed like a lot, but again she was trying to force her autopilot.

Mary uncrossed her legs so she could put both feet on the ground. Jenny got another set of cuffs from Julie, and each got on their knees on either side of the chair.

When she felt her legs being pried open by each of them, Mary slammed her legs shut quickly. “Mary, they won’t reach if you do that. You have to put the cuffs on, or maybe we just won’t give you the sheet,” Julie warned.

Mary nervously tried to relax a bit more. Last night Mary had shown off far more to the two of them. Once she got the sheet, she’d practically be covered really. She had to trust Jenny and Julie.

Mary let the two open her legs. Jenny spoke up, “Thank you Mary. Sorry Julie was so harsh with you. She forgets sometimes that we’re supposed to go a little easy on you. You’re doing great.”

Mary felt a bit better with the praise and concern from Jenny. Yet it would prove unwise to trust Jenny completely. Though her legs opening had been slow, she felt them jerked farther open suddenly. She expected to have her ankles handcuffed to the chair legs would only required a few inches, but now her feet and knees were over a foot apart. The cuffs were put on each ankle and legs of the chairs before Mary could react. Her ankles were not handcuffed to the front legs of the chairs however, but the back legs instead!

Mary again struggled right away, wanting to cover herself. Of course she couldn’t and she knew why she couldn’t, but that wasn’t easing her worries.

Jenny and Julie both stood to inspect their helpless friend. Mary was seated in the chair, her breasts out in the air, and her legs open enough to see her lips effortlessly.

“Great look Mary, I always knew you’d be a great bondage model,” Julie teased.

“I’m going to kill you two, this wasn’t part of the deal,” Mary whined.

Jenny was quick to respond, “We said we’d use the three cuffs on you. You knew your legs would be spread. Trust us; this is better than the alternative we could go with.”

Mary was a bit frustrated. She physically couldn’t do anything; she was losing any level of control she might have had before. “It’s still unfair! Unlock these now!”

“Sorry Mary, but you’re stuck like this now. Be glad we’re giving you the sheet,” Jenny offered.

Before Mary could voice more complaints, the sheet was casually tossed over her. It floated down over her head and covered her down to her ankles even. Both girls giggled at the obvious site of Mary still struggling below the thin veil.

Julie stepped up and tugged the cloth down so Mary’s head came out. Mary now looked down at her chosen ‘outfit’ on her for the first time.

The sheet was indeed thin as she worried. It lightly lay across her body, rising and falling where her body did. The first thing apparent to Mary were her breasts. Again the cuffs thrust them out as if she wanted to push them out towards someone. Even tiny bumps showed up in the fabric where her hard nipples were. The rest of the sheet followed the shape of body, showing off the curves of her hips, and even dipping between her legs. Her nudity felt incredibly apparent under the white material.

Mary didn’t want to further bother her wrists and ankles, so her more overt struggling stopped. She still wiggled on her seat, trying to see if she had any control over her pose or anything. The feeling of her naked butt on the wooden chair wasn’t helping her breathing come under control either.

“Guys, I don’t know if I can just sit here like this, with people looking at me,” Mary admitted. She was realizing she was in over her head now. She regretted thinking the phone challenge was tough, as this one was clearly worse.

“Would it help if we blind folded you?” Jenny asked. At first the suggestion seemed random to Mary, Jenny continued though, “That way you don’t have to see them looking at you.”

“Yep, no more worrying that the pizza guy is looking you up and down,” Julie begin to say, her head bobbing up and down as she inspected Mary’s naked form through the sheet. Mary visible cringed at the new idea. It was bad enough watching Julie do it, but seeing someone else do it sounded worse.

“Shut up Julie. I also meant so you don’t recognize them, and they don’t recognize you. We’re back home, never know who might be working there. Also, we’ll admit, we want to make this a bit easier for you,” Jenny explained.

“Would you releasing me and forgetting this whole challenge be something I can have?” Mary asked.

“No way. Did you want the blindfold though?” Jenny again asked.

Jenny and Julie both had brought up good points. If Mary figured a bit more cloth on her body could only be a good thing at this point. “Yes please.”


Mary’s Challenge, Day 03
By Jappio

Part 4

As if planned, Jenny was able to retrieve a black cloth from her pocket. Mary was wondering how much of this was actually planned, or if Jenny was just well prepared. With no hands to do it herself, Jenny wrapped the cloth around Mary’s head for her.

Sight was now taken from Mary. Her body tingled now that she felt suddenly more exposed. She wasn’t sure if it was just her having the time to concentrate more, or if it was because her other senses heightened. The thing she noticed most of all was how the sheet felt against her body. It was so light that it barely touched her; it felt like it only tickled her skin.

With the blindfold on though, she still felt as if she was being stared at. It was a warm feeling, spread across her whole body, but localized in a few key areas. Her nipples felt especially warm and tingly with the way her sheet slightly moved across them with every breath.

“Now that you can’t do much about it Mary, I think it’s only fair I tell you that the sheet is pretty thin. Like so much so, I think I can see the shape of areola through it! At least we’ll be able to once some light shines on it I bet,” Julie chimed in.

Mary struggled against her restraints. She sucked in a breath of air as she tried to will herself away! She had not considered the idea that the sheet would possibly become transparent. She regretted choosing the sheet. In her mind she pictured it turning completely sheer once the door would be opened.

“Don’t’ let her get to you Mary. She might be wrong. You’ll be fine, maybe only a few shapes will show, it won’t be like you’re totally naked,” Jenny tried consoling Mary. Mary couldn’t be sure if Jenny was trying to make her worry go away though. Really it seemed the two were purposely trying to keep her guessing. She suddenly wished she didn’t have the blindfold so she could double check.

That’s when the doorbell rang. Mary would have jumped from her seat if it weren’t for the fact she was handcuffed to it. In the set up and her worry, time had flown by, and it seemed the pizza had come!

Mary actively kept herself quiet. She hoped it would somehow keep her unnoticed. That was unlikely with her chair being posed right in front of the doorway.

Someone then opened the door, and Julie loudly greeted whoever was there with a gleeful, “hi!”

Next, Mary could hear the voice of a man slowly trail off. Unless there was something else to distract him, surely he was shocked at the sight of Mary.

At the same time, Mary had to stop herself from squealing. Her shock and embarrassment at the man showing up was only part of her troubles now. The door opening also brought a gust of air that tickled her entire body. It easily swooped under her sheet, billowing it lightly. She also now had to worry about Julie’s theory of sunlight causing the material to turn see-through. Right then, her body could be totally exposed. In the very least, it didn’t seem unlikely that something like her lack of clothing, her nipples, and even perhaps her pubic hair might be showing through the sheet.

The man with the pizza started to try and talk about the delivered pizza. He must have found it awkward to even bring up the fact about the odd site of a woman under a sheet in the chair with a blind fold. Did he know how naked Mary was?

Mary was soon distracted from trying to listen in on the conversation. That sudden burst of air had done something horrible. The sheet was now slipping! It was slow, teasingly so. It was like a soft hand was trailing down her body at the slowest speed possible. The top of the sheet was descending down away from her neck, and heading to her chest.

Mary thought of only one way to stop it: she tried making her body flatter. She let her bottom slide down the chair so it would approach the edge of it. With her feet pulled back though, she had to spread her legs even more to accomplish this.

The sheet slowed down a bit, but it also fit the contours of her body more. She felt it fall between her knees and legs. She worried now that it was lying too flat to her lips. It wasn’t pulled tight, so maybe their shape wouldn’t be defined, but with light pouring in, she wouldn’t know how much more now showed to the stranger.

Mary heard that money was being exchanged. The man’s voice was shaky. He was having a difficult time concentrating by the sound of it.

Mary felt completely naked in front of the stranger, and she was forcibly in an exposed pose! Her body felt hot, she was trying her best to not tremble, especially with the risk of the sheet falling off. In her mind she could practically picture the feeling of the sheet falling away from her, her body thrust out into the air.

Mary started to struggle again. She desperately wanted to cover herself up. She wanted to stop the sheet from falling, sit properly, and even use her hands to help hide the worst parts. Instead she was stuck, and had no way to get out.

“Um…. Is she alright?” the man asked out of the blue.

Julie giggled, “She is fine. Just a bit embarrassed. She lost a bet is all.”

“So… she’s naked under there, isn’t she? Are you sure she’s Ok with this?”

Jenny answered, “Yes, she is doing fine. Mary, tell him you’re doing fine.”

Mary had not wanted to speak to this person. Now things were feeling more and more personal. She was actually thankful for the blindfold at this point. She didn’t want to get Jenny and Julie in trouble, “I… I’m ok with this…” Mary squeaked out quietly.

That let Mary’s embarrassment rise all the more. Now she admitted she was consenting to this. She worried what kind of person that might make her look like.

“She seems awfully embarrassed now though, so before we make her more embarrassed, I think we’re set to take our pizza and go. Have a good day,” Julie announced, as the door was shut.

Mary was very relieved that it was over. However the sheet was pulled away from her body in an instant! She screeched out loud as her whole body was again exposed to Jenny and Julie.

“Wow, you really wanted to show off, huh?” Julie began. “You really just wanted it all out!”

Mary realized Julie was talking about the pose, how she’d scooted farther down on the chair and opened her legs more. Mary tried her best to sit up straight again. “The sheet was going to fall!”

“Very likely story. Your nipples tell a different story,” Jenny teased.

Mary felt someone pat her leg. Julie then added, “you’re also a little wet. Sort of hard to not notice with your legs open.”

“Get me out of here!” Mary quickly snapped. She hadn’t even thought about her own arousal, she’d been too concentrated on other matters. Now that Julie brought it up though, it was apparent to Mary. The want to hide her arousal just fueled her embarrassment and concerns for obtaining some cover again.

“Hold your horses,” Jenny said. She then began to undo the handcuffs behind Mary’s back.

As soon as Mary had access to her hands again, she brought them around and used one arm to hide her breasts as usual, and shoved the other between her still forced apart thighs.

“Oooo! An encore of last night?” Julie asked.

“Shut up! That was sooo embarrassing! Just let me out already!” Mary complained.

Julie and Jenny again got down on either side of Mary. Mary couldn’t be sure with her blindfold still on, but she was sure that each girl was looking at her lap. Mary tried to be still, fear that any twitch of her hand would be seen as her acting on her arousal.

Mary heard the sound of the handcuffs coming undone, and Mary quickly got up off the chair. She kept her hands in their respective places for modesty. She was still blind though, so she didn’t go far. She quickly pulled the blindfold from her eyes before recovering her breasts. She saw Jenny and Julie smiling up at her.

Honestly, Mary wanted to stretch her arms and legs more after being stuck in the same pose for so long. Yet she kept her hands still to keep herself covered.

“You two are the worst! Please tell me that I wasn’t totally naked for him,” Mary pleaded. She had sort of blurted the question, she wasn’t sure if she actually wanted the answer once she had thought about it.

“Not fully. I mean you could tell where your bush was I guess. Also your nipples, but other than that, I can’t say too much was on show,” Jenny explained.

Mary wasn’t happy with that result, but it was better than she feared at least. “You guys knew it would be like that, didn’t you?”

“Well, we could try again with the washcloths if you prefer!” Julie taunted.

Mary ignored the ridiculous idea. “How about instead we just end this silly game finally? We should head back.”

“Well, we could pack up to go, the next task is on the way back,” Jenny offered. Mary was not happy with the idea that the last task wouldn’t be in the safety of the house, though so far that hadn’t seemed to help her much. Exposing herself in public though still sent shivers through her body.

The girls then began to get their things to return back to campus. Mary had little to do, having never needed to bother with clothing throughout the weekend. None of the girls had made themselves at home too much either, and soon their things were gathered in bags.

“Shall we go Mary?” Julie asked, standing at the door.

Mary stood naked, the strap of her bag over her bare shoulder and passed between her breasts. The bag itself sat at her hip mostly, but Mary tried tilting and holding it so it would at least cover up her bare pelvis.

“Very stylish,” Julie commented. Mary pressed the bag closer to herself. She didn’t really get it, but she somehow felt more naked. To be ready to leave from a trip, while carrying a bag felt too normal, but then was juxtaposed by her total lack of clothing.

Unceremoniously the door opened, Jenny and Julie spilling out to go the car. Mary timidly stepped outside after them.

Jenny lagged behind to shut the door. Julie and Mary were left to be the first to the car, a problem for Mary as Jenny had the key. She nervously stood on the side walk, crouching down to use the car as a barrier. Either side of her she could see down the sidewalk and a portion of the road. She saw no one, but was of course aware that could change at any second.

Mary muttered, “Quickly, quickly, quickly,” over and over. She knew it was futile to voice her desires loudly enough for anyone else to hear them.

Jenny took her time to get to the car. She opened the doors when she did finally arrive thankfully. Julie took her usual passenger seat in front as Mary as usual scrambled into the back seat.

Mary rested her bag on her lap as she sat down. She even played around with the bag’s straps to try and cover her nipples. They were hardly design to sit on her like that though, and she eventually gave up.

Jenny and Julie didn’t ask for Mary to put her bag to the side or anything like that. The two showed a bit more mercy to the naked girl. Mary was almost worried by this though; she wondered if that meant the last task was going to be extra bad.

Mary was trying to calm herself as well. Two tasks in now, she was definitely fighting off the desire to touch herself. In her mind, she embarrassingly knew that it would probably feel great. Her remaining modesty though prevented her from letting her hand dive between her legs.

When nearing the exit to town, Mary was handed the blindfold from before. Julie listed off some instructions as well, “You’ll have to wear this for the next part. We’re going to go somewhere, and you’re going to follow with. You then are going to have to do exactly as we say for awhile. Won’t be much more than a few actions or poses though.”

Mary held the blindfold in her hands, considering what it meant. Was the blindfold part of some trap?

“Put it on now, we don’t want you to know where we’re going, have to keep it a secret,” Julie ordered.

Mary did so, but still wasn’t sure what was going on. She was now pretty sure the two were setting up a trap.

After a few turns and stops, the car eventually parked. Mary thought it was on the side of the road, but couldn’t be sure. She even went to try and peek from the blindfold, but felt a hand grab her wrist. “Nah ah!” she heard Julie exclaim.

Mary felt Julie help the bag off from around her neck. She heard what sounded like Jenny leaving the car as well. Even Julie left shortly after that.

Mary tried to listen closely. Her door was being opened, but she had no clue where she was. Were they in a parking lot? Side of the road? A driveway? She didn’t hear many cars. She heard a few birds chirping, but that wasn’t a sign of anything.

“Right this way,” Julie said, taking Mary’s hand and helping her out of the car. Mary felt a rush as her feet met grass. She brought her hands to her chest to cover her breasts and tried to shut her legs. She hunched down, afraid of where she could be.

“Now let’s hurry, you want to get this over with, right?” Julie asked.

Those words were enough to make it so Mary would follow, but she was far from confident. Normally she felt lost and unsure where things were going, but at that moment she had those feelings in spades.

The gentle tugging at her wrist though forced her to start walking with the J’s. Mary didn’t know where they were, but they were in the very least outside near the road probably. She was hoping desperately they were at least heading for cover!

The spongy grass below her feet tickled her toes. The breeze caressed the surface of her skin. Mary was acutely aware of her outdoor nudity, even without sight.

Her body felt tingly throughout it all too. Her heart pumped faster and faster as they walked, the unknown approaching. Even her feelings of arousal matched her fear. She couldn’t be sure if it was new feelings, or just her nerves and feelings compounding after the last two events now.


Mary’s Challenge, Day 03
By Jappio

Part 5

Mary was stopped just as there was a loud creaking sound. Walking resumed shortly after. Mary thought it might have been a door, but even after a few more steps, she was still walking on grass.

“She’s here!” She heard a woman shout, followed by a gasp! Mary was just led naked in front of people!

“Where are we?” Mary asked in a panic.

Julie giggled. “Well I can’t give specifics to protect the innocent of course. However we’re in a friend’s backyard. Also, all of you, we told you that you can’t say a thing!”

Mary was astonished. She was in somebody’s backyard, with multiple people watching?! “Who is here?” Mary asked. Her hands shifted position, an arm across her breast and an arm trailing down her body to between her legs. She wanted to turn and run, but she couldn’t see with the blindfold. She felt just as trapped as when she was bound to the chair.

Jenny tried to calm Mary down, “Do not worry. They don’t know you, and you don’t know them. You will possibly never be seen by them again. They’re close enough friends that we could trust them though with your naked body.”

Mary wasn’t too much better reassured. She tried fitting things together in her head. They had probably parked in front of a house, and the creaking noise was a gate to the backyard. Now at least two people were seeing her naked, one of which was a girl.

Without being able to see, and with the audience being quiet, Mary was essentially going to be prevented from knowing who they were. She wasn’t sure if it made the situation any better.

“Like we said, just a few poses, and you’ll be good. They’ll take their seats, and we’ll help you out up here.

Mary tried thinking to herself, “You can get this over with. They’ve made you be naked in front of others before… you can do this…” but her confidence was hardly swelling.

“Now then, our waiting audience, we present to you, a naked woman outdoors!” and after Julie’s introduction, a round of applause was heard.

Mary was trying to count the number of eyes burning into her skin, but the feeling of being watched was hardly accurate. She had a feeling eyes were of course on every inch of skin that was normally covered.

“Ok, if you could slowly spin, give everyone a good look before we properly start,” Jenny ordered.

Even this, while covering her worst spots, was a lot for Mary to handle. Mary knew she was standing in front of these people for the sole purpose of them looking at her. She worried just how much they’d judge from this alone. She would be embarrassed to do this even clothed.

Mary started to shuffle her feet to start turning. Her shoulders and left hip were soon pointed to where she had heard the clapping. Turning slowly was a requirement, Mary didn’t think she could spin quickly with the blindfold on.

Within seconds her entire butt was pointed behind her. Mary had enough sense about her to know not to try and cover it, she considered it at least the lesser of three evils, and she could only hide two things after all.

Mary was met with applause when her turn was complete. “Very good Mary,” she was encouraged by Julie.

“Next up, we will have you lower that arm across your breasts, I always do like to start from the top and move down,” Julie noted.

Mary took in a deep breath. This was the moment where they’d see her chest in full. They’d see its shape, size, and even her nipples. They’d see how Mary hardly was a buxom babe, not nearly as well endowed as the sexier ladies in the world.

What really was the surprise was the lack of hesitation on a wolf whistle as soon as Mary’s arm dropped. Her breasts quickly elicited a cry of appreciation from the crowd without much thought. Though it was flattering on some level, it just raised the intensity of the heat in Mary’s cheeks.

“I know, right! She has them bared out here under the sun and everything,” Julie added in. Mary would have swung at Julie if she could have seen!

“Give everyone a bit of a hop to jiggle them a little Mary!” Julie again commanded.

“No way!” Mary snapped. She’d forgotten she was supposed to play along.

Not to be too forceful though, Jenny played at the order another way. “Well, how about a vote? Everyone who wants to see Mary hop around a little, raise your hand.” It was only a second or two till Jenny spoke again, all before Mary could try to disagree to a vote. “Well, majority rules Mary, looks like they all want to see it!”

Mary couldn’t believe that multiple people were now deciding they wanted to see her breasts bounce!

Mary bobbed a bit on the heels of her feet. She could feel her breasts move separate from the rest of her body, as the crowd had hoped for probably. The feeling that people wanted to see her do that was new for Mary.

“Now, now, give them a bit more than that,” Julie exclaimed. Mary felt hands on each of her shoulders, assumingly Julie’s, and then Mary was shaken!

This time Mary’s breasts did more than bobble a bit. It was proof enough that Mary might not have been stacked, but she still needed a bra for more vigorous movements. Sadly she was without a bra in this stranger’s backyard!

“Woooo!” Mary heard again from the crowd. She thought she could hear at least three distinct voices; she worried just how many people she was in front of. Still no clue who they could be.

Mary knew next it surely would be moving her hands away from between her legs, or it would be Julie pointing out some embarrassing details. Mary’s nipples were sticking out hard, so it seemed an easier target for Julie to tease her about.

Jenny though was the one to speak up. “I think we have some people who want to see your butt again for a bit longer. How about turning around and sticking it out for them Mary?”

Mary knew that Jenny asking was just a nice way of ordering. She decided to play the part of the cooperating, good girl. She didn’t feel completely free of any naughtiness though as she turned her bare bottom to face the crowd.

After a ten degree bend, Mary heard another applause. Her face was still red; the appreciation was too much for her. A disgusted crowd might have been more inclined to not commit any of these sights to memory. With a crowd enjoying her show, she’d have to worry about them not just seeing them, but remembering them as well.

“A bit more Mary,” Jenny requested. Mary again bent more at her waist. As she did, she knew to keep her hands cupped around her lips. She’d learned that even though her bottom was the lesser of three evils when it came to embarrassment, it required her to be careful to not show more.

Mary held this pose for what felt like minutes. Nothing was said or done for awhile, and Mary was about ready to request to move on. She held her tongue so as to not appear eager for more exposure though.

“Mary, how about a bit of shaking your hips for the crowd?” Julie requested.

Mary groaned and followed through with the request. The usual chorus of hands slapping together followed the simple movement.

“Stand and turn our naked girl,” Julie then commanded. Mary did so, her hands still tightly clasped between her legs, but not for long. “The crowd has been dying to see you move those hands to your hips. Could you do that for us?”

“I… I’m not sure…” Mary said, wanting to see if she could maybe still defend her last few inches of privacy.

The reply wasn’t a surprise, “sorry Mary, you’re going to have to move them. A bets a bet,” Jenny argued.

Sighing, Mary began to peel one hand away from her mound. She still had one there, but she heard people sucking in breath just as much as she was, anticipating her reveal.

Mary’s head naturally tilted down, as if to verify her actions. She saw nothing but the blindfold, but still could picture it well. She could feel her naked body and what was exposed, and like in slow motion, could feel what became even more exposed as her hand left the gap between her legs.

The gentle breeze tenderly stroked her exposed lips. Her legs just slightly apart, allowing her entire self to be seen. Her hairs sprung about as her hand slid away, across them. The contrast of her hand and the air made it obvious to herself just how wet and warm they’d become as well.

Two wolf whistles, a gasp, and plenty of applauding came next. “Quiet down!” Jenny had to warn again. The damage was done; Mary knew she had three new pair of eyes at least on her completely naked body, five if including Jenny and Julie.

“Hurry this up guys,” Mary quietly begged to her friends.

Julie leaned in, whispering to Mary, “Why? Afraid you might cum in front of an audience again?”

Mary uttered some obscenity back at Julie, but bit her tongue after that. Just the mention of that event made her body shake. She could actually feel a pulsation between her legs thinking about it. She tried to tell herself it wouldn’t come to that, but did she have a choice? Would the J’s make her, and would she go through with it if they did?

“Now Mary, I think something that everyone wants to see again is your body in motion! Who is up for some jumping jacks?” Jenny asked.

“Me, me, me!” someone exclaimed from the crowd. Clearly they weren’t even able to keep their excitement in.

“Raised hands will do, though it seems everyone wants to see it, so Mary, how about five while facing them, and another five the other way?” Jenny suggested.

Mary wanted this event done. Now that she was naked, she felt they were hopefully past the half way point. Mary nervous tried to position herself. She was so nervous she almost didn’t remember how to do a jumping jack. Eventually she hopped from the ground, and spread her legs and arms, her hands coming together just at the peak of her jump.

Each jump she was swamped with new feelings. Of course the movement of her breasts was apparent, surely the crowd was watching that as well. Then came the general feeling of spreading her limbs as she jumped, leaving no cover at all. Even the movement through the air was very apparent as she would rise and fall.

When she turned to do her second half, all those feelings remained, but more. She now realized that her bottom as well would move in its own way. She also knew that she was no longer as covered as she was the first two times she faced away from them, her most embarrassing place still exposed between her spread legs.

Once done, Mary faced the audience without being told to. She quietly waited for the next command.

“Stand still… legs a bit wider Mary,” she was told on cue. The request seemed simple, but opening herself up was definitely worrisome. Each inch her feet spread, the better everyone would be able to see between her legs. Unlike the jumps before, she was firmly planted and unmoving as well. She was shocked she early had such issue with doing this while on the phone with someone. Now with a live audience in front of her, it drove her embarrassment to new levels.

Mary didn’t hear anymore commands or requests once she took on this new pose. She didn’t hear applause or cheering. Things were almost too quiet!

Mary just barely heard the sound of people walking after a moment. They were mostly in front of her, moving towards her sides. They were getting closer. Mary tried backing up, but there was someone there. “Stay still,” Mary heard them say. It was Jenny. Jenny set her arms on Mary’s shoulder, trying to keep her in place.

Jenny stepped back, and Mary could still hear people wandering around her.

Mary then felt some clothing pass by the back of shin. It felt like a dress or skirt… was someone behind her? Jenny and Julie weren’t wearing anything that would have felt like that.

Mary’s elbow bumped into someone! Mary was being surrounded, she was sure of it!

Mary’s breathing increased. She could practically feel the presence of people around her. Someone was possibly behind her… getting a look at her butt. Was the person at her side looking at a profile shot of her breasts? Were they studying their shape?

With her legs so side… someone could be lying down on the ground even! They could be staring straight up between her legs!

Mary tensed more and more. She wanted to scream. This was reminding her more of the night before. Yet instead of being close friends, these were strangers looking at her body, and there were at least three of them!

Were there only three people around her, or more? She could have an audience of 20 for all she knew.

Her standing outside hadn’t been forgotten either. This wasn’t her being looked at in the privacy of indoors. Mary worried what the J’s story was for this. Was this a bet, or did they share a more embarrassing reason for her naked show?

How would they perceive her? Blindfolded naked in a backyard…


Mary’s Challenge, Day 03
By Jappio

Part 6

She felt her nipples were an obvious sight! Each person there had to have taken note of their extended state.

Mary then had to worry of the potential onlooker below. If someone was down between her legs, could they see the way her lips glistened? They’d surely be able to see how it was starting to drip down her thighs. With her legs spread in fact, Mary was doubly worried! As soon as she thought about it, she willed it to not happen; she so desperately wanted to stop it…

Yet it wasn’t enough. The thought alone seemed to arouse her more, and suddenly she could swear she felt a droplet of her arousal fall from her lips, and land between her legs. If someone was lying between her legs, they would have no doubt know about her arousal now! The idea that just about anyone could have had some her arousal land on them was maddening to Mary!

Mary was heating up more than ever at this point. The phone was bad, but not as bad as this. The time with the pizza guy was bad, but not as bad as this. Mary was completely embarrassed, her whole body there for everyone’s viewing pleasure.

Their constant moving around for new angles proved they found it pleasing. Maybe they enjoyed seeing Mary become embarrassed. Maybe they enjoyed her body.

Did any of them understand how it worked? Would they think her an exhibitionist? Would they think she got off on the embarrassment? Maybe they’d think she liked being bossed around?

“Are you ready to go now Mary?” Julie whispered in Mary’s ear.

Mary had her eyes shut, but they shot open as soon as she heard this. She still couldn’t see anything with the blindfold of course. She wasn’t even sure how long she’d been standing there like that. Had it been only minutes, or maybe even an hour? She almost didn’t believe what she heard Julie offer as well. “Really?” she asked.

“You look like you’re ready to explode, and we wouldn’t want to stop you from some enjoyment. Let’s go back to the car. Take our hands, give the audience a bow, and we can go,” Julie offered.

Mary felt each of her hands taken by Julie and Jenny. Mary straitened her legs, and as Jenny and Julie did, she bent forward in a bow.

Mary was sure the audience wanted an encore, their clapping would not cease. There was some added hollering too. Mary wasn’t sure in her state of mind she’d be able to recognize any voices if she did know them.

“It’s time we leave. We’re happy you enjoyed the show. Now I think it’s time that we went off and had a little bit of private enjoyment!” Julie said as a send off. Mary’s face stung it was so hot after that.

Mary was lead naked to the gate, out onto what must have been the front yard, and into the car. She was led by hand the whole time, potentially exposed to more people, but Mary would never know if she was then.

Mary was warned to not move the blindfold for a bit, the J’s insistent on keeping their voyeuristic friends a secret. The identity of the people who just saw her was one of the last things on Mary’s mind however.

There was a moment of hesitation as the car lurched forward. Mary was trying to tell if her arousal was a need or not at that moment. Her body ached for a loving touch at that moment, but she was of course in a car, in public, her friends in the front seat.

Yet her hand moved to a breast on its own. It cupped the mound, nipples pressed to her palm. Her mouth opened, a soft moan escaped. Her hand instantly began to press and move. The feeling was heavenly.

A second hand joined in the game, each breast now being massaged. Mary’s head fell back as her body arched. The feeling alone was a lot, and she still hadn’t touched her begging lips.

As if still trying to not admit defeat, Mary kept at this for a few minutes. She wasn’t sure how she did it. In her head, she told herself that if she didn’t move her hands lower, it didn’t count as masturbating in front of her friends. She tried to stop many times, but the continual teasing was just making that option harder.

Her nipples never felt harder or stiffer, and she couldn’t help herself from dipping a hand down her body any longer. Still blindfolded, Mary now had given up. There wasn’t really a moment the whole weekend where she hadn’t be aroused, and it had all added up to this moment. The night before perhaps was a different type of intensity, but the memories of it just added to this moment for her.

Mary almost felt like she was alone until Julie of course opened her mouth to comment, “Having fun?”

“Shut up!” Mary shouted back, trying to block Julie out. Mary was reminded she indeed would of course have watchers, she was in the backseat of a moving car after all.

Julie snickered, “I think you’re really liking it. It looks like you are.”

Mary groaned, both out of frustration but growing arousal. The fingers at her lips were very slick, and easily slid around her sensitive folds. She shuttered every time it passed over her exposed clitoris.

Mary should have stopped, to protect some modesty. Mary didn’t stop however; she actually sped up. Her legs spread as she cared only to feel more and more good. Locked in her passion now, her orgasm was approaching. She didn’t feel as if anything could stop her.

“Oooo, Julie, should we pull up alongside this bus?” Jenny asked.

Mary tried to disagree, but instead she moaned loudly. She couldn’t even form a single word.

“Yeah, we should. Let them see just how much Mary loves being naked and masturbating in public!” Julie added in.

Mary was gone now. She was cut off from everything as her body erupted in pleasure. She shook more than the moving car she was in. She felt the waves of pleasure consume her and take her. Even though her body felt locked up, her fingers continued to rub and tease. They glided across her slippery skin and pushed her through more than one orgasm even. She had just a brief thought of “I’m cumming in front of them and the bus!” as the second one again took her away from it all.

Minutes later, Mary opened her eyes. She quickly stripped the blindfold from her head and was blinded by the setting sun. When her vision did adjust, she saw they were on the freeway. There was no bus in sight!

“Oh my god guys! You didn’t do it, did you! There was no bus, was there! Did anyone see?!” Mary asked in a panic.

The two chuckled first, then Jenny said, “Do you want there to have been a bus?”

Mary groaned. Her body felt weak. She felt physically drained after all that. She looked around, and then wondered about getting back to the dorms. She looked to her side and the floor, and didn’t find her bag.

“Guys, where is my bag?” Mary asked.

Julie giggled, “We moved it to the trunk earlier. You’re to stay naked the whole weekend after all.”

Mary realized that she had undressed in the parking garage. She’d hoped after all she’d been through that she was at least done with the risks and such. Now she’d have to suffer through another half of a naked car ride followed by hiding behind cars.

“Wait… I get my clothes back when we’re in the garage though, right?” Mary asked, suspicious of their full plan. Neither girl would answer though, only laugh and continue driving back.

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