Accidentally Caught in Underwear
Several weeks ago I had a friend over. We hung out late into the night and I invited him to sleep over instead of trying to go home. He accepted. The next morning I woke up and had an idea. I would head to the kitchen in my underwear and try to get my friend to catch me. Usually when he stays over he leaves really early so I had a perfect excuse for thinking I had the house to myself. This time though I had heard him use the bathroom so I knew he was still here.
I head to the kitchen thinking he was probably in the dining room where our laptops were set up. I grabbed juice from the fridge and headed over to the cabinet with the cups. The great thing about it was I'd be facing away from where he was so that I had an excuse to not realize that he was there. I poured myself a cup of juice and then turned around to see him grinning at me. I was said "whoops" and dropped my cup of juice to cover my very tented boxer briefs. He just laughed as I told him that I thought he had left already and then I excused myself to get more clothes on.
It was fun and harmless, and we both had a good laugh about it after.. Hopefully I can think of another way to get "accidentally" caught in the future. When I was planning this in my bed I had thought about doing it naked but eventually chickened out. In retrospect I wish I had gone fully nude. 

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Classification: Non-Fiction
Date: 05:34pm August 9th, 2014
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