Hiding in Shadows
I was playing dare dice with some guys on this site. We were pretty much done with the game and were wrapping things up. Since I wasn't doing cams my dare was to take my garbage out to the curb naked. Their dares were to cum on tinychat. However I upped the ante by offering to do a task after taking the garbage out if they agreed to do their forfeit on chaturbate instead. Only one of them agreed to do it but boy did I pay for it.
His task was to roll a die. That number represented the number of houses away from mine I had to go to. Then it that house's yard I was to masturbate for thirty seconds before moving the same number of houses away again. I was to do that till I came. I pretty much just said "wow" in response. This guy had never really done public dares before and was pretty impressed that I was willing to do them. I think he was trying to test my limits. Well I said that I'd try to do the dare but I made no promises. He said that was fine.
Taking the garbage out was easy. At 3:00 am there's really no traffic out. The hard part was moving down houses as if anyone came I'd be far from clothes and safety. I went to my next door neighbor's yard to start. I was so nervous no manner of manipulation of my cock could get it hard. About half way through the yard I started having second thoughts and ducked into some bushes. No cars had come by and I couldn't see or here anything else. But I was so nervous that I couldn't force myself to go to the next yard. Instead I walked back to my yard and started jacking in the front yard.
I did this for a few minutes; sometimes walking close to the road and other times retreating to closer to my house. I still hadn't managed to get hard though. I was just too nervous jacking in my front yard. After a while I saw some headlines in the distance and I retreated back to my front door. I ducked down in the shadows to wait till they passed. I figured cars going at 30 mph were not going to see an absolutely still naked guy hiding in shadows. It's something I learned from some special forces friends. Basically people see what they expect to see and movement catches the eye. If you don't want to be seen then blend in and don't move.
So there I buck naked hidden only by shadows when that car pulled up to the intersection by my house and stopped. It was a police car. I freaked. My heart beat faster than I think it had ever done before. But I forced myself to stay still. Not moving was my only hope of not being seen. The police car stayed at the intersection for a very long time, at least it felt like a very long time, before turning and passing by my house. I let out a huge sigh of relief as it raced past my house and out of sight. Finally when I couldn't even hear its engine I got up and went inside.
I didn't complete the dare but the guy was sufficiently impressed when I told him what happened that he didn't press that fact that I hadn't come outside. I did cum several minutes later thinking about a naked guy walking around his front yard while jacking his cock on a dare and almost getting caught by police.Page 1 |
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Classification: Non-Fiction
Date: 06:02pm August 9th, 2014
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Wow . .. that really is an amazing story. Good thing you remained still. Last thing you want is a cop to handcuff both hands and your cock together. Thanks for sharing . .
September 30, 2014, 1:05 pm
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