Nat / alie
Part 1 - Natalie

By Jappio

At first, all I could hear was my professor talk about something. It didn’t sound so familiar, some time must have passed.

That’s when I realized a weird feeling! Well it was actually a few I felt!

I was not sitting like myself at all. My legs were spread a bit wide. Both my knees were over the corners of my seat. My skirt was a few inches higher, bunched up under my legs.

I had bigger concerns than my skirt though! I quickly brought my legs together, setting a hand on my lap. I looked to my left and right to make sure no one was looking at me. I was sure of it though, I had lost my panties!

My face started to turn red. I looked at the clock; it seems I missed over half the class.

No one was looking my way, so luckily I managed to keep under the radar. I knew I should check a few more things. Slowly I moved a hand up to my shoulder, as if to scratch an itch that wasn’t there. I could feel my bra strap, which was good. I was concerned to find that I had an undone button, now only four of the six I had were done up. I wasn’t showing a lot, which was honestly a blessing compared to the norm.

I tried to relax. Maybe things went Ok for once. This must have just been one of her harmless pranks. I was mostly covered, and no one had been leering. It seemed for once she even took notes from today’s lecture for me!

I should explain something. My name is Natalie. I’m a college student who has a really annoying sister. Her name is Nat, and our names are pretty similar for a reason. You see, she isn’t an older or younger sister. She isn’t even a twin really. She’s sort of my other half.

For as long as I remember, I’ve had dissociative identity disorder, or split personality to most. I guess in a way I share my body with Nat. The problem is, Nat and I aren’t all that similar.

We’ve done a good job of managing life I feel. We get along mostly with each other’s friends, and we like some of the same things. However, Nat never takes things too seriously. I sort of have control most of the time, so she doesn’t worry too much about consequences. She likes to act without thinking.

The problem I was having now is that she actually gets a kick out of leaving me in tough situations. I should be thankful she doesn’t do anything too harsh. I suppose it would be bad if she was a thief for something.

However, today she’d stolen my panties while I was in class. This was just a small taste of the kinds of pranks she’ll play on me. We can only talk to each other in notes, and I’ve often left her notes asking her to stop. There’s rare one can stop Nat though.

How it works is I’ll sort of just blank out. Things will go dark and quiet, and it’s like I’m in a dream for a bit. Then when I wake up, time will have passed. I could be somewhere else, or in this case, missing my panties! That entire time I’m out, Nat is the one in control of our body.

Not wanting to cause a ruckus, I tried to stay quiet and pay attention to the lesson. Nat doesn’t always help me with school work, but she knows how mad I’ll get if I miss too much of a class. So for once she did at least take some notes. Her hand writing is tough to read though.

By the time class ended, I think I was able to get enough of the information. I was able to follow along at least. Others were standing up to leave, but with my situation I wasn’t about to stand and risk flashing people anything. My skirt was much more modest than one of Nat’s skirts (yes, we have different wardrobes) but it only came down to my knees, so I didn’t want to take risks by shifting my legs at all to be able to stand.

When more people had gone, I took my chance to open up my backpack. Nat had done something with my blue boyshorts, and I was hoping she had put them in our bag. I didn’t see them at all though. I quickly checked under my seat to see if she was so classless as to just leave them in the open like that!

No blue garment about though, so it would seem Nat had done something with them to keep them from me. I hope she didn’t throw them away like she’s done with a few of them. She tries to pay me back, but she always gets something not quite my style (typically naughtier)!

Getting up from my seat, I wondered if I should ask someone about them. Other than the teacher, no one knew about Nat though, and I didn’t want to confront my teacher about it either. Chances are Nat had just gone out for a bathroom break to get rid of my panties. I was sure if I complained about her losing them now, she’d just try to defend herself by saying she at least did it in private. I guess I was happy she didn’t take them off in the class room in front of everyone.

It was sundown now, this class being late in the day. It was time to head back to our apartment. It was just a short walk down the street, just a couple of blocks.

The walk didn’t seem like it would be short to me though. As soon as I stepped outside I noticed the wind. I was going to have to do my best to get Nat back. I wondered if she knew it was going to be this windy when she stole my panties!

I held my skirt down, trying to protect my modesty. This wouldn’t be too bad if I took my time. Again, she’s done worst to me. I also took this moment to redo the button she’d undone.

Nat really didn’t seem to have any modesty. I heard as much from my friends. It embarrassed me so, to know that people get to see me exposed so often. Nat insists it’s fine, that we have a killer body and should show it off. I don’t know what constitutes a killer body, but I know I want whatever I do have to stay covered!

She also has this annoying habit of trying to act like she knows me. Technically we’ve never directly met, but she insists that I like her little pranks…

Well, I don’t like them. However, she always cites the condition she’ll find me in after one. Any sign that I might have enjoyed it, and she’ll leave teasing notes about it!

The wind continued to whip past me… the hem of my skirt fluttering. I held a hand on my lap to keep it down; I wasn’t going to let anyone know I was without panties! I couldn’t stand to have my bare bottom, or worse, shown!

Said wind seemed like the will of Nat. It still slipped under my skirt at times, tickling my thighs and worse. I could feel it just barely touch my… lips…

It was really awkward feeling for me; I keep myself so well protected. Yet when Nat interferes… suddenly I feel so vulnerable and exposed. That wind felt foreign and touched somewhere I’m not used to being touched. The feeling was both scary, but it also was… unique.

Each light tickle from the wind would just make me push the skirt down more. This would only cause the fabric to press to my bare skin even more. This vicious cycle only caused me to become more worried as I went along and feel even more exposed.

The walk seemed to grow longer as the wind didn’t stop. If Nat were an actual person, I bet she’d grab my hands and hold them away! From what I hear from my friends, Nat is never worried about letting her skirt flip up. I still didn’t like the idea that my friends probably had a good idea of what my underwear selection was.

Today though, I didn’t have underwear to show, but thankfully no friends around to see either. I was hoping for just a quiet evening after this. My heart was racing, worried if I would be able to keep the fight up for the rest of the way. The front of my skirt was held down, but the back would sometimes fly up, exposing most of my legs. I knew I could do it if I just kept pressing on.

Things started to slow though. My eyes felt heavy. I began to walk slower. This was not good! Nat was coming, and I couldn’t stop it!

I always feel wobbly when this happens, so I had to use a hand against a nearby pole to stop myself from falling. I was hoping to get home without anyone seeing anything… but now it looks Nat was in charge of the trip. I groaned at the thought that now, my mission to get home unseen, was probably going to end in failure with her in control…

--------- -----------------------------

Nat / alie
Part 2 - Nat

The world lit up for me once again today. I could instantly tell that class was surely over. I was at a street corner, one just a block or so from our place.

The sun was just about to leave, so I guess it hadn’t been long at all, which was good for me. Natalie was getting off too easy so far I think!

Her modest skirts are such a bore. I wanted to do more, but I figured I’d only give her a little tease before my big plan. A warm up you could say.

Once I stood up right, I was able to feel around. I patted my hands against my butt, feeling that it was indeed still bare. I looked back and saw that a guy across the street was staring. Was he just concerned about what probably looked like me feinting, or did he just like seeing me touch my bottom. I gave it another sensual rub just to tease him.

The wind was picking up again, and I enjoyed the way it was tickling my thighs. The perk of a larger skirt like this was how well it did trap the air. I bet Natalie totally likes it too, I can feel a bit of warmth down there. How she hoped to ever deny it, I didn’t know. I mean, she can’t exactly have secrets when it revolves around our body, that’s something we at least have in common!

Love for our body… Eh, I’m not so sure. She likes to hide it or something. I love enjoying it personally, and tonight I was going to do that! I mean, maybe she likes our body, but she’s way too modest!

I skipped off to our home, letting her modest skirt show off at least some my bare legs. It was going to be so nice to get out of it, but I was going to play patient and wait. Sadly, I don’t think anyone saw any the naughty parts, even with the winds help.

At the door, I let myself inside. I wondered if my girlfriend was home too, for a little fun.

Though only a three floor apartment, we still had a nice little elevator I loved to ride. Halted at the ground floor conveniently, it didn’t take long for me to enter it.

I leaned against the back wall, unsnapping an extra button on the shirt. I gave each of my lovely breasts a nice little grab, seeing if I was showing enough. I was showing just the smallest hint of cleavage, so another button had to go. Now, a bit of Natalie’s blue bra was showing. She sometimes is a bit boring, but I will admit she has some cute choices in color.

Again, adjusting my top, I made sure I now had a bit more skin showing. Now I think I was ready. This whole time though, no one else hopped inside. No one was there to even greet me at the top! I was just striking out.

I took my time walking down the hall. After passing a few doors, I found our apartment. My girlfriend Haley, Natalie, and I shared it. Luckily, we only have to pay for two people though, hehe.

I let myself in, but sadly there were no signs of life. TV was off, and I couldn’t hear the shower or anything. I dropped Natalie’s book bag down and headed towards the bathroom.

Before arriving, I had undone the rest of the buttons on the shirt. The shirt ends swayed as I walked to the bathroom. I was pushing and prodding at the bra, not too disappointed with how it looked on me. I was happy to see my image in the mirror. ‘A good girl gone bad’-look, I’d have to say. I loved it!

I undid the tie in my hair, letting it fall down. I figured I’d really leave her bad this time. Let her feel completely liberated.

Natalie was going to be in for a surprise. I wasn’t sure just how far I’d take this, but I think it was going to be a bit more than she’d expect.

I did a few turns, considering the outfit I’d wear. It wouldn’t matter to Natalie what I wore technically. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to dress special just for myself. My hands went to the hem of the skirt, and pulled it up. Soon it was resting on my wrists when my hands wrapped around the inside of my legs.

I brought them higher and higher, my body tingling. I knew just how bare I truly was under this deceptively modest skirt. Those panties were hidden away at school now, and I had full access to any fun I wanted.

My body felt nice and warm… the skirt was now showing some thigh… the edges of my hands growing nice and close to my lips. A devilish smirk grew across my mouth as I thought about it. I think I’d use this skirt tonight… to just enhance that feeling once I did lose all this cover.

I knew the plan well. I did a test run of it myself the other night. If Natalie was as much of a smarty-pants as she usually was, she’d be fine. I didn’t get in trouble, so neither should she.

The plan was simple. Strip naked. Seriously, that’s almost all I had to do. I’d walk down to the park, and I’d strip naked. Natalie could have the rest of the fun.

She’ll be stranded naked in the park. God… do I wish that could just happen to me. Natalie doesn’t have the guts to do a stunt like that. Even though I’d be the stranded one, she’s still consider it being our body being exposed, and she’d be embarrassed my default. Her loss though… as I was getting horny just thinking about it. She was lucky; she’d able to have all the fun tonight.

I stroked my thighs, drawing my fingers out from under the skirt now. I just let them barely trace my lips, a light moan coming from my mouth. I was thinking of not giving this night to Natalie.

The previous night, it’d been a bit later. Perhaps it would be a bit tough for a wimp like Natalie at a time like this. She also probably won’t want to accept the chance of being seen. I should probably waste a bit of time here at the house.

I walked out of the bathroom and took a seat on the couch. I didn’t do up the shirt or anything; I’d wait till I had to leave to do that. Then I could really have my fun.

It wasn’t easy sitting around and playing nice though. It probably was for the best that Haley wasn’t home, I’d have been tempted to tease and have fun with her instead. That reminded me that I should probably warn her about Natalie.

I got my phone out and texted her. I let her know that when she was home, to expect the door. Poor Natalie wasn’t going to have a key, so Haley would have to let her in. I also left a hand written special instruction as well. I told her to not look at it till she got a knock at the door.

Haley wanted to know why, but I wasn’t about to tell her. I like to leave her guessing too, I’m an awful tease like that. Wouldn’t be the first time I surprised Haley with a naked body, be it Natalie or myself playing the role of the naked one.

Looking at the clock, I realized I couldn’t wait. I could see the sun was low enough, Natalie would probably be fine. She’d be pissed, but safe enough I think.

I hopped from the seat, and did up two of the buttons. I had told myself I’d play the modest act, but I couldn’t stand to be too tightly covered!

I left all our things besides the clothes there in the apartment. It was funny; I was patting the clothes to make sure I didn’t have keys, as opposed to making sure I had them hehe!

Once out of the room, I strolled down to the elevator. I was again showing off the bra, which a neighbor coming from the elevator took notice of. The guy had a bit of a nervous grin as he said hello to me. I sort of recognized him, at least by that dorky smile. Perhaps Natalie knew him better, or he was just being nice. Either way, I can say he likes the color blue!

Once at the bottom floor, I had to stop myself from running. I really was getting excited. I was now considering doing some flashing down the street, see if I could get any fun reactions.

That wasn’t my goal though, so I resisted the whole way there. However, that wonderful breeze felt heavenly still, and I think I was starting to grow wet before even making it to the park!

The lights were just turning on in the park. Many people from the college strolled through here in the evening, so the place was brightly lit. I saw a couple even trying to sneak some kisses on one of the benches on my way in.

All the way at the other end, I had undone the last two buttons of the shirt. Instantly it blew open, and I loved the feeling. My bared stomach and sides happily met the cool night air. The blue bra jutted out, my breasts begging to pop free from it. I wanted to, but I had to still find the perfect spot to hide the clothes. Natalie would be pissed if I lost her clothing too. I had to find somewhere she wouldn’t dare look for them.

The park on this end was empty at the time. I was sort of glad. Though I’d be happy with an audience, I had better not do so if I was going to let Natalie have the fun. I had to make sure she was hidden when she woke up too. I also didn’t want someone stealing her clothes either if they saw me hiding them.

I headed towards some trees and bushes to the side of the South entrance.

The shirt was simple to remove. I just shrugged my shoulders and helped it off my arms. I stretch my arms out wide, enjoying the feeling of being so undressed outdoors. I was no longer decent, that’s for sure.

I undid the fasten on the bra, and sighed happily at the feeling of the restriction lessoning. I set myself free from the vile thing, and bared my breasts to the world. I happily tweaked my hardened nipples.

For a moment I was lost in the fun. Out here at night, I was in public and enjoying squeezing my breasts. The thought made the touching all the better, my nipples growing very sensitive.

I think, regardless of plan at this point, this next step was going to happen. I sexily pushed my bottom out behind me, again using my hands to rub that pushed out bottom. I pictured some people watching my little sexy strip. I wanted them to know that I hadn’t any panties on. That even below this modest skirt, I was the naughtiest thing!

My breasts I have to say had a great show going on in front as well. The trees were lucky to see their firm form sway ever so slightly.

I flicked the zipper loose, and pushed the garment down my legs. The feeling was electric, sending bolts of pleasure through my body. The way the waistband gripped against my skin… passing down my hips, over my butt, and finally down my legs fully was intoxicating.

Natalie didn’t know how damn lucky we were. Our butt is so wonderful I think. I love letting the world around see that very fact. It’s so smooth and round. With the skirt at my feet, I again rubbed it.

I stood more straight, and stepped from the skirt. I looked around; I was still hidden amongst the brush.

I felt free now. I was so in tune with the feelings of the night. I ran my hands across my bared skin, enjoying my wonderful nudity.

Again I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do this to Natalie. I was really enjoying myself. I pictured prancing out through the park, perhaps even just straight out streaking back to the apartment. If Haley was home, I could even have a fantastic finish to such fun.

Natalie though needed to ‘enjoy’ this too. I wish I could for once actually see what happens to her. She always yells at me about the embarrassment and panic. At the same time though, I’ve caught her enjoying it. Today for example, she liked not having those panties on.

I loved teasing Natalie so much too. Like right now, thinking of her helpless and abandoned was turning me on more. I rubbed my thighs, thinking about that very thought.

The plan wouldn’t work with the clothes at my feet. Natalie had to wake up without them nearby. Even if I move, she might actually check the shadows. I couldn’t leave them in the open, or else she or someone else might see them.

I gathered up the clothes, and held them to my stomach, making sure to keep most of my body bare. I then looked out into the park, trying to think where I could put them.

My eyes eventually settled on a small circular flower garden. It had walls up around it, to keep people off it. I figured keeping it on the inside edge of it would be a perfect spot. I’d dig up the dirt a bit to cover them, and come back for them at another time.

I happily dashed out towards the flowers. I was still alone in this half of the park. I wasn’t hidden at all, but that just made my skin tingle with excitement!

Once at the flower garden, I shoved the clothing against that inside wall. I then pushed some dirt on top of it. They’d be a bit dirty, but as long as I cleaned them, Natalie couldn’t mind too much about this… you know, besides the whole abandoning her naked thing, hehe!

As I bent over, putting on the finishing touches, I wiggled my bottom. I purposed arched my back, and straitened my legs, but kept my body lowered at the waist. I so wanted to stay there, and have someone stumble upon me. Again, Natalie’s torture came first!

I pranced back to the hiding spot I’d used. Natalie would have the full park and a block of the street till she got back to the apartment. She’d be naked the whole time.

As I thought about this, a hand was already between my legs. Natalie would know for sure just how much I was getting off to this, but at the same time, hopefully the bit of a buzz would put her in a good mood too.

For the last time, I had to actively get myself to stop having so much fun with this. I was determined to do what I set out for.

For awhile, I could feel that familiar drowsiness too. Natalie was coming back, and I think I was set to let her. I leaned back against a tree, getting comfy. I looked one last moment at my naked body. Nipples hard and jutted out… a few wisps of hair below, not at all hiding my pussy! Even the rough bark of the tree I was against was pleasant in its own right.

Natalie, you’re in for one hell of a night! Time to just drift off now…


Part 3a - Natalie

By Jappio

Unlike earlier, I awakened with a bit of a start. I felt as if I was about to fall, which meant that Nat was not sitting when she fell unconscious. As I tried to stand straight, I felt roughness against my back and the wind against my… bare body!

Oh my god! I quickly used an arm to cover my chest and a hand to cover between my legs. I was up against a tree and I was outside! I muttered an obscenity under my breath as I tried to figure out what was going on. I didn’t know where I was, but all out in front of me was open space! I quickly tried to duck down, as if it would make me less obvious.

I looked to my sides, and I found a few bushes. I quickly scurried to those and hid behind them.

Why was I naked? It was sunset, and there were a bunch of street lights on. It took me a moment, but I think I knew where I was. This was the park that was just a block away from the apartment. Essentially, I figured that Nat must have gone right past the apartment and to the park. She also got rid of my clothes!

My body was so bare. Though it feels like time passes, you sort of just wake up and everything is different. This was a big change though! This was an insane change!

Naked in the park… and I didn’t have any clothes. I tried to stand up a little to look around, and I didn’t see anything. Where could Nat have put my clothes? Did I dare try to look around for them? Really, I didn’t want to leave my hiding spot.

I also knew exactly just how much Nat enjoyed this mean game she likes to play. Her… I mean mine… our body was… well it was aroused. I hate to admit it, but I could tell that she must have been touching herself just moments before. I recognized these feelings; it wasn’t rare that she’d get like this when setting me up with these pranks. It’s bad enough to leave me naked, but to also make it so I’m distracted with feelings like that? I had thought Nat was going easy on me today too. Clearly, she wasn’t anymore.

Trying to ignore the feelings of pleasure, I was instead trying to think what to do with myself. It’s somewhat difficult honestly to be in a situation like this. The one true solution is sort of obvious, but you do all you can to deny it. I was trying to think if maybe I could find my clothes, or if I could somehow just appear back home. However, the only option was walking home.

I muttered another obscenity. I don’t know what she was thinking. I was essentially two blocks away, and it wasn’t even completely dark out. Street lights constantly shown though, so waiting wasn’t an option. I had no easy way to keep myself from being caught.

Nat would probably be Ok with the idea of me just streaking back to the apartment, not caring if I get caught. Nat though doesn’t have to worry about modesty it would seem. Even being a campus town, I had to worry about the wrong people catching me too, like the police. Though I could probably get out of it, Nat is a documented ‘condition’. So I wouldn’t be in trouble probably, but it still would be embarrassing!

No one was nearby though, so I guess I had to get going as soon as I could. I knew by now that the strategy was to move when the coast was clear, that much was obvious. Scoping out ahead, I could see there was another set of shrubbery to use as cover, half way through the park. I could hug the wall nearby to avoid being out in the middle paths of the park.

So I started to run, hoping no one would come nearby and look to the side of the park. The wall next to me covered me up from the road thankfully, so I wouldn’t have to worry about that.

To my left was the park itself. It was mostly decorative, and usually a nice place to jog through. I often would circle around the fountain, appreciating the bit of nature here in the city. Now though, this park was far from pleasant for me, as I ran through it faster than I ever have.

Once at the bushes, I practically dove to the ground. Huddled behind the plant, I hugged my body tight. That same feeling of vulnerability still swelled inside me. I was so naked, and hardly any closer to home. The hardest leg of the trip would be the block that I’d have to pass other apartment buildings. It would be so easy for cars to pass by and see me.

I had to keep thoughts of that out of my mind though. I had to concern myself with the here and now. The next step of my trip would take me to the park entrance. To minimize the amount of time I leave my exposed body in the open, a straight line to the park entrance would be best. I could use the wall to peek out of the park to time my next run.

Again I looked around. I saw someone heading towards the west entrance, probably having come from the south. They couldn’t see me, so I stayed put till they were out of sight.

During this time, I was just reminded of the state my body was in. Not only was I naked, but that accursed arousal was still there. I had not at all calmed down, even with all my worry. This honestly is something that Nat takes notice of, and is how she ends up teasing me about these little adventures she puts me through. She’ll get our body all worked up, and I typically can’t do much to suppress those feelings. Both her and our body seems to work against me.

I mean, being fully honest, I can’t just deny that the feeling is completely bad. One can’t really complain about being aroused, it’s technically a good thing. It’s not easy to admit, quite embarrassing in fact, but I know how healthy it is to be like this I guess. Though I don’t know if it’s healthy to be aroused during a very embarrassing situation! However, I guess I can’t say… that in some sort of twisted way, Nat is in a way sort of helping me out? I don’t know, it’s all so weird.

So essentially, she’ll sometimes catch that I was still aroused after this type of stuff, and thinks I’m into it! She doesn’t believe me that it’s just her remnants just left over. I don’t know if I’m just trying to convince her or myself.

This whole time as I ponder these dumb thoughts too, I’m being an idiot and actually rubbing myself with my hand between my legs, the one I put there for modesty, I swear! It’s stuff like that, that gives any credence to Nat’s claims! I hate that I can’t control myself sometimes, it truly seems just subconscious, I swear!

Not wanting to be caught just hiding naked; I know I should get going. When it gets dark, who knows who might try to come through the park? Now, after usual school ending times, and before people started to head home from their evening fun, was the best time for me make my move.

I ran out from my cover and made my way to the park entrance. There, I’d have a block to go, and then a dash through my apartment. As I ran I kept looking behind me and towards the gate I was heading towards. Either side someone could see me from. My bare butt bounced as I ran, and I could feel the way my breasts wanted to do the same beneath my tightly pressed arm.

I wish there was some way I could get Nat back, this feeling was unbearable practically. My heart felt like it was going to jump out of my chest. Even with my arms not pumping I was speeding faster than usual. The adrenaline in my blood was propelling me forwards. I just desperately wanted to be back in our apartment and away from the potential prying eyes.

I had to put my arms out in front of me and stop myself against the wall when I got there. I was almost in a panic, and hadn’t been able to slow down quickly enough. My body was completely uncovered for a few seconds. The breeze was still chilly, touching every inch of my body it could.

I again wrapped my arms around my body to give myself some security at least. I looked around the corner of the entrance, out at the road. It was a three way intersection, the north bound road heading straight towards our apartment and the school further on. The other two roads were of course East and West.

My heart started to sink as I tried to plan my next route. I realized I didn’t have as much time as I had at the bushes now. Behind me was the entire park, and my bare butt was facing it. I’d easily be caught if someone came from one of the other two entrances. I looked behind me, and saw no one, but I couldn’t wait.

Ahead was scary though. Plenty of parked cars littered the side of the street ahead, but there were gaps where I wouldn’t be able to hide, and I didn’t know how I’d avoid capture from a pedestrian on the sidewalk! Not that taking the center of the street was an option.

I leaned against the stone wall, feeling its coarse material against my bare skin. I tried to wonder just how Nat could enjoy these type of stunts, but a certain tingling below was probably the answer. I’d never gotten undressed on my own in this type of situation, I always started out aroused, so I was sure it had to be her kink alone.

Time couldn’t be wasted. I’d have to dash off to the street and pass under the street lights. I’d have to hope no one would enter or exit the buildings, hope no drivers came by, and hoped no one was out for a walk! The odds seemed impossible, but I had no choice at all. I was trapped, and there was only one way out.

Abandoning my cover, I exited the park as well. I gave just a quick glance to my sides, confirming the street was still empty. I crossed it diagonally, since our apartment is on the west side of the main street. Once there, I crouched down near the first park car, now able to see fully down the sidewalk.

I could just make out the spot where the apartment was, no one was between me and it. I would have to cross one more road to get there though. So a block, a road, and just one door down, and I’d be there.

The street and park were still behind me, getting their own public show of my bare butt. I knew that I had to go now when the coast was clear. So I stood back up and started to run down the sidewalk. I passed door after door, and I was thinking I could make it. My nerves would prove to not be so strong when I saw a car coming down from the college!

I dropped to the ground, getting on all fours to hide behind a nearby parked car. I know the pose was a bit exaggerated, but I wasn’t thinking. I got close the vehicle, and could hear the other driving closer. I had a pretty good idea that I wasn’t caught, but that didn’t stop my heart from going wild.

Once the car passed, I slowly got to my feet… and then slowly stood all the way up seeing that there were no more cars driving my way. I was still alone on the side walk. Knowing this, I quickly started to jog my way north some more.

As I neared the four way intersection ahead, I could just barely see the door to our apartment. The home stretch was here, but as I got close to the road, I had to stop myself. I had no way to know if anyone was on my right or left, and I was going to use the building corner to try and look.

The street to my right was the first I could see into. I approached the corner slowly though, since this street to the right since I wasn’t exactly hidden from it well. No one was down that way. To my left, and around the corner, I could spy what looked like a few fellow students huddled near a parked car. I want to say they were being dropped off. They were spending plenty of time just chatting!

A minute or two went by, and they still hadn’t left. Once I even had to dash away from the corner and near a car parked on the street to avoid a car that was driving from the south. I had barely avoided that one, and it weren’t for the car driving by silently, I would have assumed I was seen!

I wanted my naked form finally hidden, but it wasn’t going to happen it seemed like. These people were still talking, and I was losing my patience. I was just about to consider running by and hoping they didn’t look, but my hand was forced. The people talking at the car finally closed the door and walked away… from the car that is. They started to walk towards my direction!

I didn’t know what to do now. They’d get to this corner, and I’d have nowhere to hide. I could try to maneuver around the cars, but if they turned down this way, they’d find me for sure unless I snuck to the street side of the car. That didn’t seem like a good idea with the potential of another car driving by.

I could just wait and hope they entered a building or continued past this intersection and head North or East. That was risky though, and if they did want to come towards where I was, I’d be very close to them when naked!

I don’t know why, but that’s when I noticed just how much my pussy was practically pulsing! This danger had done little to stop the continued growth of my arousal. It nearly paralyzed me.

I suddenly felt defiant. I wasn’t about to stay there and be caught. I’d quickly run by, not wallow in my worry and arousal, and just get home. I wasn’t going to play the game Nat set up for me and be the vulnerable, scared, and naked girl in the street!

Perhaps I wasn’t thinking straight at all. My panic had set me on a bad plan. I quickly ran forward, attending for the couple of people to only get a glance of me. I figured I’d be fast enough to get by.

As I past the corner I’d been hiding behind, my body was in the open, and the realization then hit. It was like a solid punch to all my faux confidence. What was I think?!

I was naked and streaking past people! I was exposing myself! My arms weren’t even covering myself as I intended to run faster, but that seemed to only make everything worse now! My bare breasts with hard nipples bounced wildly as I strode forward. My few sparse hairs above my lips probably were obvious in the profile view! Even my bare butt was shown to these strangers!

When I made it halfway across the street, I was regretting my choice more and more. No longer was I just running past them, but this was surely me running away now. I was caught naked outdoors!

Then to really seal the deal, the person in the car was still there and sounding his horn! That was the last straw and I quickly wrapped both my arms around my breasts to try and protect myself! I just chose to expose myself to a small group of people! I don’t know how I could be so foolish!

My adrenaline didn’t slow a bit as I got across the street. I knew that a few steps I’d be hidden, but I didn’t dare slow. I was now at least determined to make inside, no more chances for anyone to see me I declared!

Past our first neighboring building, I was to our door in practically a second by the feel of it. My mind was trying to still register everything that happened as I threw the door open without any care of who was inside.

I didn’t even appreciate the fact that the opening hallway was void of the other tenants, I was just thinking I was finally home free. I went straight for the door leading to the stare well.

The sound of me running up the stairs echoed. The more labor intensive act of running up the stairs finally slowed me. My body was now shielded from the teasing wind and I had walls close to me. I felt instantly cozier and safer already.

By the time I reached the third floor, I finally stopped and had a breather. I opened the door to our floor just slightly, and I could see it was empty. I walked into it, but tried not to run, not wanting to cause a commotion now. I didn’t need someone looking out in the hall to see who was running around.

I did quickly make my way down past the other doors and to ours finally. I was about to end this endeavor, but I should have known… the door was locked!

I now realized that makes sense, I didn’t have a key after all, nowhere to keep one. I knocked at the door, praying that my roommate, Nat’s girlfriend, was home.

“Natalie?” I heard her call from inside the apartment! Thank god, she was home!

“Yes, it’s me! Let me in…” I tried saying loud enough for her to hear me, but not so loud as for the neighbors to hear.

There was a bit of a pause, and then Haley spoke up, “Nat wants you to put your hands on your head and admit you’re horny.”

This isn’t the first time Nat has left me this kind of trap. She was completely cruel sometime. I knew trying to reason with her girlfriend wouldn’t help. Haley wasn’t mean, but she usually played along with Nat’s games if Nat really wanted.

Still, I wasn’t going to just not fight it. “Come one Haley, just let me in. I’m naked out here!” This time I was even quieter, considering the nature of what I was saying.

“Speak up, I don’t think I heard what Nat wanted me to hear,” Haley interjected. She didn’t even humor my plea.

I made a quick survey of my surroundings. I was still alone in the hall. I put my hands on my head, but couldn’t find the words I was supposed to say.

I couldn’t possibly be horny, I wasn’t about to admit it. However, that pulsing feeling from before hadn’t died, I just not been focusing on it. Now, with my hands on my head, my body totally exposed, I was focusing on it… and I sort of wanted to touch myself.

I didn’t say that out loud, and really only mumbled, “I’m horny.”

Haley didn’t take any notice of it. Maybe she was pretending to not hear it, but I really didn’t say it loud enough probably.

Wanting it to all be over, finding that same desperate nature to throw caution into the wind that I had at the street corner, I much more loudly finally said, “I’m horny!” Hopefully the neighbors didn’t hear, but thankfully the door swung wide open!

At first I was relieved, but then I realized the sight that Haley was getting! My entire naked body was presented to her! She had a huge grin on her face, and I dropped my hands to cover myself and ran inside.

I know Haley probably is familiar with Nat being naked, but in a way, this was MY body right now, and I wasn’t in a relationship with Haley like that! I was so embarrassed, and ran straight for my room. Before I got in, Haley remarked, “Nat says to enjoy yourself in there, she’ll give you some privacy after that.”

As I shut my door, I sat on the floor with my back to my bed. I was suddenly very exhausted. My breathing was coming in labor breathes after the exertion. I didn’t hear sirens or people calling out for a streaker at least!

I can’t believe how I let myself expose myself like that to the strangers today. I normally wouldn’t have, but I felt so cornered. I don’t know if I made a bad choice, or if maybe Nat was right about me. I still ached to have a firmer touch than just the wind against my body in that moment. I wasn’t willing to do so outside in the hall… but after Haley’s and Nat’s offer to some privacy… I did let me hand wander.

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I really liked the concept of this story, so you should definitely make sequels! And I like the more tame embarrassment (e.g., being pantiless in a skirt) perhaps more so than the extreme embarrassment.
October 28, 2014, 9:08 pm
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