A man and his wife, and me
Wow, it's been a long time since I've posted and I have several stories to share.  I want to start of with this awesome experience I had with a man and his wife that I met over the internet.  Rob had sent me an email to consider joining him and his wife for a couple hours of fun one afternoon.  I had the day open and so I replied back.  Their home was only a 20 minute drive so I thought if I get there and they "stand me up" then no big deal, I would just head back home.  Well, I arrived the time we agreed on, I was a little nervous not knowing what I would find.  I knocked on their door and after a couple minutes I heard someone come down the stairs.  Rob opened the door and invited me in.  He led me upstairs to a back bedroom where I stood with my coat on and then his wife walked in dressed in nice, lingerie.  She had just gotten out of the shower and put on some sexy underwear.  We greeted, gave small hug and then talked for only about 1-2 minutes.  At that point Rob began to undress and so I followed his lead.  I took my coat off, then shoes & socks, then shirt, pants.  I was standing in my underwear with already a boner showing.  I then pulled my underwear off exposing my hard cock.  His wife also was taking off her lingerie and we all were totally naked for that beautiful moment as we briefly looked over each others bodies.  She then laid on the bed, face down, and Rob game me some body oil to start rubbing her back, arms, legs.  It was a nice body massage and I moved down to the base of the bed and was working her legs.  It was amazing as she had a very nice figure/body for a lady who was about 45 years old.  Firm legs, decent tummy (not fat at all) fair C size tits and long brown hair.  Pretty attractive features as well.  So while rubbing her legs, she spread them apart so I could get a better angle to rub.  Course I was looking right up into her pussy and my erection go even harder.  I worked my way up to the top of her thighs and then brushed my hand across her pussy lips.  She spread even further and almost invited me into her womanhood.  At that time I slowly worked my hands until I was consumed with her pussy, massaging her lips and inserting a few fingers inside her.  This lasted about 10 minutes as Rob was watching the entire time, as she was stroking his cock.  They then invited me to lay face up on the bed and she straddled my cock and began moving her hips like she knew what she was doing.  Her pussy had some beautiful dark brown hair but nicely shaved not to be a jungle.  It was a nice thick bush which I actually like (as long as it's not out of control).   All along she was giving Rob a blow job while massaging my cock with her pussy.  I had no condom so it was bareback fun this day.  After sitting and inserting my cock inside her and having about 15 minutes of genital play, she began to move more quickly and gave some very noticeable moans.  We were dong some very nice penetration together and then, without any notice, she squirted all down my cock.  She had so much female cum juice that it ran down my leg, into my butt crack and frankly, I was drenched.  We continued with our cowboy style fucking for another 20 minutes and she did 3 other full squirts and had the bed very wet.  I had more pussy juice all over the lower part of my body then I've ever had in my life.  All this time Rob was getting sucked while she kept squirting.  It was during her 2nd squirt when I could hold back no longer and finally let my load shoot.  It went all over her pussy, some inside but most on her pussy lips and the whole area down there.  With my cum all over her pussy and the several squirts she did herself, we then switched positions and she laid on the bed with her legs spread open.  Rob pulled her to the base of the bed and began eating all the juices that covered her pussy, including my cum.  He was lapping it up like a puppy dog.  Rob then fucked her hard for 10 or so minutes until he cummed.   When he was finished, I went in the bathroom, washed up the best I could without having a shower, and they both got in the shower together.  I then got dressed, gave her a nice hug when she was dried off,  shook Rob's hand and left with a very satisfied grin on my face.     I look forward to another choice "afternoon delight" with this couple as they invited me back for another round. Page 1 |
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Date: 08:59am January 8th, 2015
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