Amzaing Nudity in Public
I've written a few of these "nude in public" stories that I've done over the past several months however, this particular night topped them all.� So I worked it out with April who lives in Las Vegas for me to pick her up at her apt at 11pm.� Together we were going to hit the town and take 100% totally naked photos of each other in a public setting.� The time came and she came down to my car and we ventured out to any random place that looked good.� We started in a strip mall where we both got totally naked for the night.� We then proceeded to snap photos with my small digital camera of each other.� Most of the photos were in a place where no one was around.� However, as we continued to venture out we became more brave and started snapping photos right in the view of any cars that drove by.� There were 2 very awesome incidents that left me with a major tingle inside.� #1.� This occurred right out in front of a major grocery store.� There were 2 girls (perhaps early 20's) who were talking outside the main doors,� We were about 20 feet from them and jumped out of the car.� I first took her photo and then April took mine.� I looked at these 2 girls and they couldn't believe their eyes as they glued their stare at us.� During this same photo, another lady was closing her store and was standing right at her glass door to her business and was watching everything we were doing.� We were in total plain sight for these 3 people to watch as we took these nude pics of each other.� #2.� This one happened in front of an Adult store.� We didnt' see anyone around so we jumped out of the car and right then a car pulled in right behind us.� We saw that it was 2 girls again and they stopped dead in their tracks when they saw 2 naked people (boy & girl) standing right in front of them.� We motioned for them to continue driving to their parking stall but they just stayed right there.� We decided to just go ahead with the photos in front of the adult store anyway as they watched.� It was very thrilling as they were totally surprised by us nude people in the parking lot without any inhibitions of them watching us.� It was actually kind of exhilarating myself.��� Lastly after about 3 hours of photos, we were getting pretty horny.�� We decided to drive down the Las Vegas strip, totally naked and I began to finger her pussy very hard.� We were at a stop light and I masturbated her so damn hard.� My windows in my car are a little tinted but I'm certain the trucks who stopped next to us could see what we were doing.� I could feel her cum on my finger and then then she licked my finger off.� After a couple more minutes we turned back the other direction down the strip and found a side road and both of us wanted to fuck pretty bad.� So I found a dark side road, we both got in the back seat with her ass in the air and was wanting me to fuck her from behind (not in the ass, but just doggy style).�� I asked if I could take a few pics of the fucking and she agreed.� So I have attached a couple photos of her pussy (before) and the cock inside her (a little fuzzy cause of the angle) and the 2 creampie pics as we finished.�� I hope you like the pics and thanks for letting me share this extremely erotic nude in public photoshoot with you . . .luvnip��� PS:� I also included the photo in front of the adult bookstore where the 2 girls sat in their car.The photos I tried to attach would not work so you'll need to ask me for the pics. . . . sorryPage 1 |
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Date: 05:34pm January 24th, 2015
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AnonymousNice I missing the pictures or are they not showing up because the site is still partially down?
January 28, 2015, 9:40 am


Total Points: 1356
I tried to upload the pics but the site is partially down so the pics did not upload. PM me and I'll upload the pics for you when we're both on next.
February 14, 2015, 9:43 am
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