Grace part 2
Part two

Graces spirit soon dropped when Kelly told her what the
punishment would be for being late. She was, again, to remove her panties, but
this time she had a choice. She could either remove them at the table or go to
the toilets and remove them. If she went to the toilets there would be
consequences for the rest of the evening and she would have to leave her trainers
to ensure she came back. To do it at the table would mean taking her jeans off
first and exposing her little cunt for anybody who looked her way to see. After
a brief pause, and against her better nature, she decided to do it right there
at the table.

She edged towards the middle of the table. The booth had a
high back so she was hoping that would offer her some kind of protection from
prying eyes. The rest of the girls just ignored her as she took a deep breath
and eased her trainers off. With a great deal of trepidation she started to
undo her jeans. Luckily they were loose fitting and not the tight ones most
girls wear these days. She eased her fingers into the waistband of her jeans,
lifted her bottom off the seat and pushed them down to just below her ass
cheeks and planted her backside back on the seat. She looked around nervously
to see if anyone noticed. The whole restaurant carried on as normal. She pushed
the jeans lower, past her thighs to just above her knees. She was now breathing
heavily but had a strange feeling in the pit of her stomach, a feeling not
altogether unpleasant. Was she starting to enjoy the feeling of being half
naked in public? Should she be feeling this way? After all, she was only 13!
She lowered her jeans to her ankles, reached down and pulled one leg over her
foot, and then the other.  Now she just
had her panties and socks covering her lower body, if she got caught she would
die of embarrassment. She took another look round the restaurant, still no one
was taking any notice. She eased her thumbs into the waistband of her panties
and, again, lifted herself up, and pushed them to her knees, then onto her ankles
before she slipped them off. She then passed them to Kelly and was now naked from
her waist to the tops of her ankle socks.  

To Graces dismay, what happened next was awful. Kelly put
Graces panties into her pocket and then called the cleaner over to wipe the
table. Grace didn’t have time to get dressed, all she could do was sit there
and hope the cleaner didn’t notice. A spotty 17 year old boy approached with
his cloth and proceeded to clean the table. Grace sat as far forward as she
could with as much of her lower half as possible under the table. Then the
worst thing happened, Kelly dropped her napkin and it went under the table.
Spotty 17 year old had to get down on his hands and knees to retrieve it and
the first thing he noticed was two feet with white socks and no shoes covering
them. His head went upwards and damn, he was looking straight at Graces
hairless pussy.   It was too late by the time Grace realised the
way she was sitting offered him an excellent view but she clamped her knees
together anyway. Spotty 17 year old took longer than he should have under the
table but eventually surfaced. Grace was a deep shade of red but he just looked
at her smiling and winked as he walked away. She quickly put her jeans and
trainers back on and made a hasty retreat to the exit and waited for the rest
of the girls.

When they finally came out they were all laughing. Kelly
then told Grace to relax, spotty 17 year old was her cousin and, looking the
way he does, doesn’t have much luck with girls. This was set up so he could see
what a real pussy looked like, rather than in the magazines he reads. Grace
still wasn’t happy tho. He was the first boy to ever see her private parts and
she told Kelly of her displeasure. “Fine” said Kelly. “If you’re going to get
upset at every challenge we’ll call it a day now.” “No” replied Grace. “I wasn’t
expecting to be on view to anyone. I’m sorry, I was just a bit taken aback”
Kelly made her promise not to get angry again. If she did the whole thing would
be off and she would never be in the gang. Grace promised and asked if they
could carry on.Page 1 |
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Good story, but did I miss a part between grace part 1 and this one?
April 20, 2015, 12:00 pm
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