Boiled Nuts
I have a vacation coming up to the location this story took place which reminded me of it and gets me excited to do the act again, only with potentially better results. This story takes place about three or four years ago at a hotel in the Smokey Mountains area, the hotel had a pool area outside with two pools and a hot tub; the group I was there with had gone back to the room for the night so I was all alone in the pool area and had the fun idea to skinny dip in the hot tub while nobody was around. To make the experience a bit more interesting I decided to take off my trunks in the pool before making my way to the hot tub, so I did just that; however, no sooner than I had stepped out of the pool trunks in hand did I hear voices headed in my direction.
Knowing I had absolutely no time to get my trunks back on before I was discovered nor the ability to get them back on in the pool inconspicuously, they were really bright red trunks, I made a bold move and booked it to the hot tub hoping it was frothy enough to hide my secret until they were distracted enough I could fidget my way into my shorts. Making it to the tub just in time the gate opened and in walked a guy and two girls, the guy proceeded to the pool and began doing laps while the girls sat down on the edge for a moment before boring of the then-cooled pool water. That's when things got interesting, both girls and the guy noticed I was in the hot tub and asked if they could join me to which I had no choice but to comply. My heart was racing from the excitement of potentially being discovered and the hot tub was beginning to become hard to tolerate but I pushed through. After about twenty or so minutes of casually shooting the breeze nude with these people, while praying for wandering hands and feet not to graze my boiling boys, an employee came to lock up and called for everyone to begin packing up. As the trio walked away from me, completely distracted by their idle conversation, I quickly stood up and slid my trunks on before be-lining back to the pool to cool myself before drying off. The trio laughed as they had poked fun at my lobster-like fate while we stewed but left without further incident. I proceeded back to the hotel room with a mix of exhaustion and excitement and couldn't wait until I had the freedom to really reveal in the experience. 
I look forward to my incoming vacation and hope I can do a little pool skinny dipping again and might be able to snag a picture or two this time, I just hope I'm not outed heh; close calls are exciting but jail is not.Page 1 |
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Date: 08:56pm May 18th, 2015
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Great story Dendog. That kind of self dare really gets your heart racing. The thrill is totally awesome. Thanks for sharing . .
June 7, 2015, 12:53 pm


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Thanks for sharing the story... i would have liked to join You on Your next vacation and would not mind to join You on You sometime:):)
December 31, 1969, 4:00 pm
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