Naked in the great outdoors
So today was a very exhilarating nude experience.  I've been emailing with this guy who started up a hiking and drawing group.  I saw his information on the internet and made contact with him asking if he would be interested in having his group draw a nude male model.   He replied back with great interest and so we arranged for the hike & draw for today.  I have never met these people, other than on the internet and so I met him at the base of the canyon and exchanged greetings.  He had another guy in his truck and I followed them up to the beautiful reservoir up the mountains.  The lady then pulled in the parking area and the 4 of us hiked down to the designated spot to do the draw.  The hike was about 10 minutes from parking lot, not too far.  It was a secluded area but when we arrived we saw 4 kids (1 guy and 3 girls just hiking and playing around).  So we waited until they left and I laid out my blanket and rug, then proceeded to undress.  It's always an interesting feeling when you strip naked in front of strangers.  They were all vey receptive and very "liberal" when it comes to nudity.  The guy who I had been emailing said it would be fine to remain nude the entire time, even during breaks.  He also said it would be OK if I happened to get an erection.  In follow up emails he almost was hoping that I would get aroused.  So anyway, I undressed totally nude in front of these 3 people as they began to draw my nude figure.   2 of the people had never drawn a nude person before so they were sort of shocked when I was so willing to be naked right in front of them.  I must say they were very professional and did a "fair" job on their drawings of my nude body.  I'm always interested to see how they draw my penis and today they were very generous in my size.  We took a little break when it started to rain on us.  We went for a little hike further up the mountain and I remained naked the entire time.  We returned after about 20 minutes and we did 3 more poses.  So at this point, I decided to oblige the guy who wanted me to get an erection.  I decided to do a reclining pose, laying on the ground.  I had my head slightly elevated and they had full view of my entire frontal.  It was then that I started thinking of some of the very hot porn I had just watched yesterday.  I viewed a very hot orgy that really got me excited.  So I began thinking of that video and I could feel my cock starting to get hard.   When you are in a reclining position, your cock naturally flops to one side (right side for me).  So I could feel my cock starting to raise off my stomach and enlarge.  Pretty soon I could feel the blood pumping into my shaft until the heartbeat was making my cock pulsate.  I would say that my cock got 3/4 hard but it was erect for the 3 of them to draw.  So basically I was able to satisfy the main guy who wanted me to get an erection.  None of the other 3 said anything but there is not doubt that they all saw my erection standing at attention.  Following that pose, we packed up our chairs and my modeling stuff and we walked back to the parking lot.  Of course I remained naked the full walk back to the lot.  Just before we arrived we saw some people and so I pulled my shorts back on.  Good thing because a ranger pulled up just as we got to our cars.  So today was a fantastic, nude in the great outdoors.  We all had so much fun that they want to do it again next Thursday.  So we have it planned for 9am next week.    Page 1 |
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Date: 09:38pm June 11th, 2015
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Total Points: 1356
I tried to load up 6 photos from this drawing experience but the site is not working right. you'll need to ask me for the pics.
June 11, 2015, 9:55 pm


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Great adventure, you always pull through.
June 15, 2015, 1:44 am
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