And I thought they had a nice view of my naked body
I just returned from another "figure drawing" session.  I wasn't sure how many would show up today but we ended with 1 male and 3 female artists.  We started at 12noon today and I had everything ready for the draw to start . . . . spotlights, music, water, chairs all set up and the window blinds open for anyone who walked past to look in.  So 1 girl who came last month wore a mini skirt that was several inches above her knees.  She positioned herself about 15 feet from my modeling stand and she decided to sit down at a table to draw.  This was just a folding table with no skirting around the base so I could see everything under the table.  So all the artists were gathered around the room approx. 10 feet from where I was modeling.  However, I had a very nice view of this girls pussy from my viewpoint.  She kept her legs together for most of the time but there were several times when she would move her legs apart (unknowingly) as she was drawing.  Little did she know that my eyes were glued on her crotch.  There was a bit of a shadow on her pussy but I could tell she was wearing no panties.  There were a few poses where I laid flat on my back so I was lower on the model stand.  I had my head tilted towards her so it was inconspicuous.   So between the 3 different poses I did, my head was facing her with my eyes glued on her pussy as I could see her crack.  I would stare for a a couple minutes and think about what I was looking at, but then I began to feel an erection develop so I had to put my eyes somewhere else to get my mind off it.  Well, it worked (thank goodness) because I never got an erection but I sure had a nice view.   And most people think that drawing my naked body is enjoyable . . . I think I had the better view today.Page 1 |
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Date: 04:46pm July 13th, 2015
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