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How much clothing to wear for strip dice

Basically, I came up with this as a fun way to start a strip dice game. The idea essentially is for one person to guess how much clothing the other person has on. The closer the guess, the more clothing the guesser can wear and the fewer the other person wears. Vice versa for worse guesses.

The version I usually play is where one person is the guesser. He starts with three to five articles of clothing and loses one for each article away his guess is. The other person gets to add an article for each article away the guess is.

Another version is where each player guesses how much the other is wearing and removes one article for each article the guess is off.

To prevent people from gaming the system and putting on an absurd amount of clothing, I usually give a range of +/- 2 to 3 articles for the other person to guess. And what happens if you start off with less than zero items? Well sucks for you; you owe forfeits even before the game starts.

Category: Type: Dare Points: 14 Attempted: 0 Minimum Amount of People Required: 2

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