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Short TitleT or DCategoryPointsCompleted
10-Minute HumpDareHard175
1:30 Eat OutDareModerate184
2 in a bagDareModerate1810
3 degrees of looking ridiculousDareModerate1846
3 Naked Photos RDareHard10290
3 Round AnalDareHard30163
30 Second Make OutDareEasy1067
4 Hour SlaveDareHard2435
5 Minute Dice FunDareHard2262
A ChoiceDareModerate2538
A Quick Step OutsideDareModerate1671
A Roll in the HayDareHard2545
Accident (bodily fluids)DareHard1535
Act a Porn MovieDareHard284
Act like a dogDareHard2915
Adam and Eve ClothesDareModerate18102
Add a TorD StoryDareEasy1442
Akward Dice MasturbationDareHard2256
All Cum In UndiesDareHard182
Alphabet Backwards or StripDareModerate1627
Aluminum Foil OutfitDareEasy1042
Anal Cream DelightDareModerate201
Anal CumDareHard3048
Anal Dice DareDareModerate22123
Anal FruitDareHard1560
Anal lick dareDareHard160
Anal Pleasure?TruthModerate8318
Anus PasteDareHard2527
Are you Bi?TruthEasy5561
Are you Competitive?TruthEasy813
Around Block in TowelDareHard2831
Aroused ExposureDareModerate1935
Ask a StrangerDareHard2415
Ass SpreadDareModerate14172
Atomic Sit UpDareModerate134
Auction your Naked PictureDareModerate180
Back Road MasturbateDareHard2523
Back Roads MasturbationDareHard2211
Back to Back StripDareModerate2836
Backward Toilet SitDareEasy1548
Backwards ClothingDareHard191
Balloon ButtDareModerate150
Balloon Pop in PantsDareEasy1030
Baloon Suit PopDareModerate124
Banana ButtDareModerate143
Banana Cuts In Your ButtsDareModerate3035
Banana SplitDareModerate2012

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