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Dare - Extended TimeLogin to Earn Points

This dare requires a lock that takes a key and a water bottle of any size. You will also need two zip ties (bring extra if you have them) OR a pair of handcuffs.

Unlock your lock. Completely freeze the key in your plastic water bottle.

Hike to a semi-secluded location with your water-bottle, zip ties OR handcuffs, and your unlocked lock. The location should be small and hidden but near where people might go.

Undress and put your clothes into a trash bag(make sure your car key is in the same trash bag). Then take the trash bag near the public trash. Walk out naked and keep your water bottle with you!
Undress and fasten the zip ties around each of your wrists. Find an item in the area you can attach yourself to (a small tree or fence works best). Click the lock shut when you have looped a small part of each zip tie in.
Wait for the ice to melt so you can escape!
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