Truth or Dare

Suck for 8 Info
Suck on the penis or pussy of the person on the left of you for eight minutes.

Points Earned: 14 out of 30
Date: April 16, 2012, 12:21 pm
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Suck for 8 Response
My friends and I have learned to sit boy, girl, boy, girl, etc. when playing this game.  So this was easy.  I was sitting to the right of a pretty young lady and, although she was a little embarrassed, we both enjoyed it.

Slave Fantasy Info
Have you ever fantasized about being someone's slave? If so, who was your master in this fantasy?
Points Earned: 8 out of 15
Date: February 25, 2012, 1:46 pm
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Slave Fantasy Response
Yes.  A very pretty sorority girl I knew.
Threesome? Info
Would you be involved in a threesome? Explain if you already have done one.
Points Earned: 0 out of 15
Date: January 11, 2012, 4:19 pm
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Threesome? Response
I haven't, but it is something that I think I'd like to try sometime.
First Truth or Dare Game? Info
How old were you when you played your first truth or dare game? What was the game like?
Points Earned: 3 out of 5
Date: January 7, 2012, 2:04 pm
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First Truth or Dare Game? Response
I was either 14 or 15 and some friends and I would go to a deserted beach to smoke, drink, and play T-or-D.  The parts I remember best were that my girlfriend had to get naked and let me inspect her private parts, but later I had to masturbate while all my friends watched.
What is your Fetish? Info
What is your fetish?
Points Earned: 6 out of 12
Date: January 7, 2012, 1:31 pm
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What is your Fetish? Response
Dominating younger men.  I recently got to live it out due to a dare, and I made a young friend strip down to his underpants while I took all his measurements and gave him a complete physical exam.  Then I had him remove his underpants so I could make some more measurements and give him a rectal exam.
Booty Inspection Info
You must go to the restroom and bring back two sheets of toilet paper. You must ask the person who was on your left when you got this dare to use the paper to make sure your ass crack is clean. You must turn your back to the person and expose your backside for them to inspect it. They must run the paper through your crack and show it and report to the rest of the group how clean it comes out. Then you can get dressed.
Points Earned: 13 out of 25
Date: December 7, 2011, 5:30 pm
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Booty Inspection Response
I was camping with some friends when I got this dare.  We had no bathroom, but we had toilet paper in the back of my truck, so I got two sheets, brought them to my girlfriend (who was sitting to my left) and did as required.  She was very thorough running the paper through my crack, and it came out with just a little brown on it.
Blindfolded and Tied Info
You are blindfolded. Tied to the ground or something holding you to the ground. The group may do anything they want to you (Except Bleeding or cutting). Everytime you scream or try to move, you get an extra dare and you get spit on or cummed in the mouth
Points Earned: 13 out of 25
Date: December 7, 2011, 5:12 pm
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Blindfolded and Tied Response
I was camping with some friends when I got this dare.  It didn't specify that I had to be nude, so I was blindfolded, laid down on the ground, and tied to three trees:  both hands tied to one above my head and each foot tied to a separate tree to keep my legs spread apart.  Immediately, my companions pulled my pants and underpants down and pulled my shirt up so that I was exposed from my groin to my chest.  They started handling my genital organs and trimmed my pubic hair real short.  One gave me a hand job and made me cum on my stomach and chest.  This made me groan, so one of them insisted I needed cum in my mouth and made me suck him off and swallow.  Then they decided that my pants and underpants needed to come down further, so they untied one of my feet, slid my pants and underpants off that foot, and then retied it to the tree, with my pants and underpants around the other ankle.  They all peed on me and one girl took a dump on my chest (which was already covered with my own cum).  My erection had gone down after cumming all over myself, having to swallow someone else's cum, and then getting peed and dumped on, but the whole group washed my genital organs and worked on me with hands and mouths to get my erection back up.  They worked me until I cummed again (and this took a while), and caught my cum in a paper cup.  One girl removed a shoe and sock, poured the cum onto her bare foot, and made me lick it off.  Some of it had flowed between her toes and she was adamant that I must lick it all off.  They left me tied and blindfolded for about another hour, then untied me.  
Naked Lay Down Info
Strip naked and lay face down on the floor in the middle of the group until your next turn.
Points Earned: 10 out of 20
Date: December 6, 2011, 12:20 pm
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Naked Lay Down Response
I was with a large group of friends and a guy who I think is gay got this one.  We all fingered him and I think he liked it.  When he got up, he had a huge boner.

Clothes Call Info
Call somebody not playing in this game (it can be a friend or a stranger) and ask them to pick 2 colors. Anything you are wearing that is either of those colors, you must take off.
Points Earned: 8 out of 15
Date: December 6, 2011, 12:13 pm
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Clothes Call Response
My friend innocently said red and blue.  My blue jeans and blue briefs had to go, but I kept my yellow shirt and white socks on.  Fortunately, the shirt was pretty long.
Would you poop outdoors? Info
Would you poop outdoors intentionally?
Points Earned: 3 out of 5
Date: September 29, 2011, 12:25 pm
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Would you poop outdoors? Response
I often hike and camp with friends and we all do.  We generally try to get out of sight of the group to do it, but I still find it exciting.

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